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December 2013

Last minute gardening gifts for Christmas

15 December 2013

GROW YOUR OWN December 2013 _0002 resized

As a last minute gardening gift, it's still not too late to place your order for an item from the Genus range, and be sure of getting it delivered before Christmas.

The Genus range of gardening clothes has really taken off this Christmas.  The trousers, gilets and jerseys are all flying out of the door and customers are telling us how pleased they are.

Genus is unique, it is the only brand that offers the combination of performance and style that keen gardeners have been looking for.  So if you're still wondering how to delight the keen gardeners in your family or social circle, look no further.

Gardening trousers for men and women

Lightweight, stretch, durable, and showerproof with pioneering knee and seat protection, and a complement of useful pockets including one for sharp tools.

Windproof gilets for men and women

Windproof, water resistant and extremely flexible, ideal for gardening in most weathers. A unique Cordura lined pocket in the back holds secateurs or knives safely to hand.

Long sleeve jerseys for men and women

Soft touch fabric made out of recycled coffee fibres in two rich colours. A longer body length and longer sleeves for secure cover-up and a thumb loop for wrist protection.


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John Harrison's old gardening trousers

11 December 2013

John Harrison's trousers

John Harrison bought a pair of Genus gardening trousers and took this photo of his old ones before throwing them away.  He says:

"I tend to kneel down when I'm gardening and every single pair of trousers that I have ever worn have torn in the right knee.  You can carry on wearing torn trousers but you just get horribly wet."

I'm really pleased with my Genus trousers because I can kneel down as much as I want and my legs stay completely dry.  And I don't even need a kneeler because the neoprene lining around the knee gives enough protection."

Thanks very much for the feedback, John.  We've just sent you a pair of Genus socks.  Hope you enjoy them too.

If any other gardeners would like to send us a photo of their old gardening clothes, along with their name, address and sock size, we'll give them a free pair of Genus socks.

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Genus is in The Sunday Telegraph

9 December 2013

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 8 December 2013

The Genus gilet is proving very popular.  The Sunday Telegraph of 8th December includes it in a list of unforgettable gifts to give your nearest and dearest, and says it is an "ideal present for the all-weather gardener".

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Grow It mag features our gilet in its gardener's giftbox

9 December 2013

GROW IT winter 2013 _0002

The Genus gilet is one of the Christmas gift ideas for gardeners featured in the winter edition of Grow It magazine.


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Yellow Rattle

9 December 2013

Yellow rattleIt was interesting that Monty Don opened today's programme on the Great British Garden Revival with an explanation of how yellow rattle helps wildflower meadows to grow.  It was only two days ago that we sowed yellow rattle seed in the wildflower corner in the Genus garden.

In a wildflower meadow, grasses can overpower the flowers. Yellow rattle is a parasitic plant that attaches its own roots to the roots of grasses and inhibits their growth, so the flowers have a better chance.

Yellow rattle needs a period of cold weather to germinate, so the best time to sow the seed is now, in December.  Around July, the plant produces seeds that "rattle" inside the pod, and only when they have dispersed should the meadow be cut.

To sow the yellow rattle, I first cut the meadow with the mower set quite low, then scattered the seed, and passed over it with the roller to make sure that the seed is in contact with the soil.

I'll now wait to see if we get a good crop.

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Patricia Deacon's old gardening clothes

2 December 2013

Patricia Deacon resized for blog


We are asking keen gardeners to send in photos of their old gardening clothes, and in return we're giving them a free pair of Genus socks.

Thanks very much to Patricia Deacon for this wonderful image.  In her words:

"Now you can see why a pair of your gardening trousers is top of my wish list for Christmas!"

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The Telegraph recommends Genus!

2 December 2013

DAILY TELEGRAPH 30 Nov 2013 _0003 resized

The Telegraph recommends Genus Performance Gardenwear as a great Christmas gift for gardeners.

The Gardening section of the newspaper on Saturday 30 November featured a brilliant photo of Fiona harvesting potatoes in the Genus garden.  She's wearing the Genus black gardening trousers and the jersey in duck egg blue.

Have a look at the online version -

A big thanks to The Telegraph.

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