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What Our Customers Say

Elaine Barone, England

23 October 2017

We spoke last year when I ordered my first pair of trousers which have been a revelation. My one concern was whether they would be thornproof... I'm here to tell you that 12 months on they are still going strong, and have not torn yet. Not science-based evidence by any means, but they take a proper beating. I wash and wear them every day during the season, and they have been just great. I'll be investing in a second pair soon.

Lesley Wood, Kent, England

12 October 2017

Just to say thank you for such a speedy turnaround with the trousers, the new size is perfect and will be put to use a week early today in the garden. Any news on a summer version?

Fiona Woodward, Vienne, France

30 June 2017

I’m absolutely thrilled with the clothes – exactly what I have been looking for and brilliantly conceived. I can’t imagine why it has taken so long for someone to invent these, but I’m so pleased that at last you have – well done and thank you.

Sherry Perkins, California, USA

28 June 2017

The trousers are splendid. Lighter in weight than I expected and fit well.

Jenni Robertson, Sussex, England

22 June 2017

I bought your garden trousers this summer and absolutely love them. So much so have encouraged all garden friends to get some, so well done on designing such fantastic trousers.

Fiona Fyshe, Herefordshire, England

6 June 2017

Can I start by saying that nearly ALL my clothes are found in either charity shops or on e-bay so for me to spend £120 on a pair of trousers is quite an exception but I did on the recommendation of a serious gardening friend and don’t regret it at all – I love them. Thank you very much.

Rachel Thomas, Bristol, England

5 June 2017

Just to let you know that I have really enjoyed the new summer trousers. I was a bit worried about the colour and whether or not the trousers would wash clean. I’m happy to say that despite hours on my knees weeding, planting and generally scrabbling about, after four months of heavy wear they look almost as good as when I first bought them. I especially like the way you can leave the knee pads in when you throw the trousers into the machine, and they stay put.

Susie White, Northumberland, England

31 May 2017

The trousers have arrived and I am really impressed! They are so well made and you seem to have thought of absolutely everything.

Christine Harding, Pembrokeshire, Wales

29 May 2017

I would like to thank you for your prompt exchange of goods and for the reimbursement. It’s difficult to know how trustworthy a firm is when you first use it but I will certainly recommend you to others.

Jean Smart, Fife, Scotland

16 May 2017

I got my trousers and gilet this morning and I am absolutely delighted with them. They are ace.