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Sending Flowers to Your Man

25 January 2017

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and thoughts are turning to gifts for our loved one. Flowers are always a popular choice, and the relationship between flowers and love goes back thousands of years.

In the Song of Songs, the rose and the lily are used as symbols of love. Shakespeare referred to flowers more than one hundred times, most often in the context of love plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In Greek mythology, in Japanese traditional culture and in every country today with its national symbols, plants and flowers have been given meaning.

The language of flowers became very popular during the Victorian era in England and America, coinciding with the growing interest in botany and plant hunting, and as a response to the restrictions on expressing emotions in Victorian society. Both men and women exchanged messages using “tussie-mussies” or “talking bouquets” of mixed flowers that could be “read” by the recipient.

Today, however, the giving of flowers is very much one-way. Women receive flowers on a regular basis, from lovers, family and friends, yet very few men ever get given flowers. But why not? They’re beautiful, they instantly cheer up a room, they let him know you’re thinking of him, and they’ll bring a smile to his face.

Of course, you need to select your flowers very carefully, not pink, not too feminine, or maybe a living plant would be better. Choose vibrant colours, exotic blooms, angular arrangements. Dress up a practical gift with flowers. One car mechanic delighted in receiving a set of wrenches artfully secured inside a bouquet of daisies and carnations. A single red rose sent by a wife to her husband at work inspired admiration, as well as envy, from his colleagues. Or try attaching February snowdrops, with their meaning of "new beginnings", to your gift of Genus Gardening Trousers for Men.

So go on ladies, be brave, send flowers to your man this Valentine's Day.

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Brightly coloured flowers affect mood?

18 October 2013

Colourful Zinnia flowersThe concept of colours influencing our moods has been around for a long time. If you are interested in learning about popular interpretations of different colours with a view to designing your garden, you may find these examples useful:


Green is a calming, relaxing colour which instils a feeling of tranquillity. It’s also regarded as restorative and health-giving, so it’s the perfect colour for your garden. Ensure you have plenty of greenery – leafy shrubs, bamboo or even a hedge will give your garden that vibrant, lush green appearance.


Choose bright yellow daffodils, cheery sunflowers and pale yellow Graham Thomas roses if you want to lift your spirits. Yellow is said to be an uplifting colour and creates a happy, cheerful vibe in your garden - so yellow flowers could be just the thing to help you stay positive on dark, dreary days.

Pink and red

Choose pink roses, red geraniums or gorgeous deep pink foxglove flowers if you’re looking for a romantic, feminine feel in your garden. Red is thought to intensify whatever emotions you are already feeling, so use it sparingly. Pink, o the other hand, is said to help you stay light-hearted and playful.

It's possible to create areas of your garden for specific moods. You might want to grow green or blue plants around a pond, for example, to create a calming atmosphere.

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