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Genus Gardening Trousers are Kitchen Garden's Top Pick

29 October 2018

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Elaine Barone, England

23 October 2017

We spoke last year when I ordered my first pair of trousers which have been a revelation. My one concern was whether they would be thornproof... I'm here to tell you that 12 months on they are still going strong, and have not torn yet. Not science-based evidence by any means, but they take a proper beating. I wash and wear them every day during the season, and they have been just great. I'll be investing in a second pair soon.

Weeding with the hori hori knife

8 June 2017

Weeding is easier with a hori hori knife Weeding is easier with a hori hori knife

It’s coming towards the middle of June and the Genus garden is really beginning to bloom. The downside of all the seasonal growth is the constant battle with weeds. It’s one of the most important jobs for gardeners during spring and early summer. Getting on top of the weeds during this part of the season ensures flowers and veg get off to a good start and perform their best.

Our cottage garden style of planting means that hand weeding is essential, as Monty Don says, by “getting up close and personal” to those wild plants we don’t want in the borders and veg plots. There are many methods of hand weeding, we know that some gardeners prefer to kneel and others to bend, and there are a range of tools to aid weeding tasks.

Weeding was actually one of the gardening tasks that inspired the design of the Genus gardening trousers: integral waterproof kneepads to provide support and comfort whilst down on the ground, and a high cut waist to protect kidneys from the elements whilst bending. As for tools, we have already blogged about the fantastic hori hori knife that one of our American customers introduced to us, and once again we feel we have to extol the virtues of this great gardening tool. We have been using the hori hori during dry spells to hoe around plants, and after rain, to slide down alongside the roots of dandelions and thistles and loosen them low down in the soil. It's also perfectly shaped to get in between the gaps between paving slabs to slice through those annoying little tufts of grass and mini dandelions.

With our gardening clothes and the hori hori making the task of weeding a little more comfortable, we are encouraged to get out there and weed little and often, which really keeps us on top of weed control. We might say that weeding becomes almost a therapeutic experience!

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It's a Cotswold Life for Sue

9 October 2015

Cots Life Oct 15 From the October 2015 issue of Cotswold Life


Avid readers of the Genus blog will be familiar with the story of our founder Sue and the boundless passion she has poured into transforming a once rambling and overgrown Cotswold garden into the showpiece it is today. It was through this labour of love that Sue recognised the screaming need for better gear to keep serious gardeners cosy and presentable through all seasons, and the seed of Genus was planted.

Leading regional lifestyle magazine Cotswold Life got wind of Sue’s story and were so interested in the woman behind both the Genus brand and her extraordinary garden they sent along reporter Mandy Bradshaw to find out more.

Sue picks up the story; “having only taken up gardening seriously with my move from London to the Cotswolds in 2009, I’m just incredibly thrilled to be featured in Cotswold Life. It’s a real honour. Although we gardeners tend to be a modest bunch, secretly we all thrive on getting compliments about our gardens, especially from people like Mandy who really know their stuff.”

As well as detailing many of the varieties in the Genus garden the story also covers Sue’s thrill in developing her pond which now boasts lots of wildlife, with the newts being a favourite; “you just put water in and you get life. It’s fantastic.”

We recommend you all rush to the newsstands now and pick up the October edition of Cotswold Life to find out more.

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The Genus Summer Gardening Trousers Wear Test!

21 August 2015

Genus ladies summers gardening trousers, crisp and new Genus Summer Gardening Trousers, crisp and new

About six months ago, one pair of our summer gardening trousers for women arrived at the door of a critical gardening friend. We extended an invitation to put the trousers through a rigorous customer wear test. Our friend was a good candidate because she has a garden at home that needed re-landscaping, and she had also taken on the tenancy of two overgrown allotment plots. The trousers were put to work from March onwards, through a whole series of different gardening activities.

On the allotment the trousers were worn whilst: clearing and burning rubbish; brush cutting and removing bramble bushes; endless hours of double digging and hand weeding thistles, couch grass and bindweed; and even more hours weeding the vegetable beds. In the garden work included: digging out a pond; moving hard core and soil; putting up garden fence panels; and staining and proofing garden furniture and a garden shed.

OK then what was the result? Apart from comments on the overall comfort of the trousers, particularly whilst working through the short July heatwave, the photographs below probably tell the story best. The trousers aren’t unscathed, but the quality cotton fabric has withstood everything that was thrown at it. Best of all is the lack of significant staining! Many of the customers we met at shows this year asked how well the summer style stood up to potential grass stains. Obviously there was no need to worry! The wear test was a real demonstration that Genus Performance Gardenwear keeps it’s look just as much as it’s functionality.

With these kinds of results after months of consistent hard wear we say "Stroll on the next six months of tough gardening" we have nothing to fear!


Genus ladies gardening trousers after 5 hours landscaping the home garden Genus Summer Gardening Trousers after 5 hours landscaping the customer's home garden in June this year


Genus Summer Gardening Trousers after 9 hours weeding on the customer's allotment in August this year


The same Genus Summer Gardening Trousers in July after 16 washes

The same Genus Summer Gardening Trousers today after 18 washes

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The revival of great gardening programmes on TV in 2015

5 January 2015

Judith Wilson in Genus Judith Wilson wearing Genus in Great British Garden Revival

That’s it then, we have reached Twelfth Night which means Christmas and all the associated festivities are now all well and truly finished for another year. What’s to look forward to now?

Having had a good look through the TV listings for the remaining winter evenings, we noticed that there are quite a number of interesting looking programmes for gardeners appearing on the horizon. The Telegraph picked up on this trend too, and their recent article claims the “novel move” to show gardening programmes out of season is a result of the popularity of home-spun reality TV (e.g. The Great British Bakeoff) and new viewing habits that mean we’ll be watching these programmes later on in the year using catch-up platforms.

The very best thing about some of the new programmes is that they’ll be featuring some really inspirational gardeners gardening in their favourite spaces. This rash of programmes starts this week with the BBC's Great British Garden Revival. The first episode features Judith Wilson, at Wickham Place Farm. Judith has spent a good deal of love, blood sweat and tears transforming her garden in Essex into a wonderland of climbers, particularly wisteria. The garden hosts what is claimed to be the biggest Wisteria sinensis in Britain stretching over 70 metres. The very best thing about the TV feature on Judith, is that she will be sporting Genus Performance Gardenwear! Look out for the clothes and just how comfy Judith looks in this technical brand! We can’t really contain our excitement that Genus clothes are gaining a loyal gardener customer base and are likely to turn up on TV more than once this year. All we can say is “Keep ‘em peeled” whilst watching!

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Thumbs up from Country Living magazine

15 January 2014

COUNTRY LIVING Feburary 2014 1 copy

Genus Performance Gardenwear got a great review in Country Living this month.

It seems that more and more people are beginning to appreciate the Genus style of technical clothing for the gardener.

We are sure that wearing high performance clothing for gardening will become the norm in the future.

So, all you gardeners, throw out your old clothes now and experience the comfort and pleasure of Genus clothes.

A big thanks to Country Living.

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Genus gets review in House & Garden

8 January 2014

HOUSE & GARDEN February 2014 1HOUSE & GARDEN February 2014 2


"Clever Kit" is how House & Garden describes Genus gardening clothes.  This is a great review with good images of the women's trousers, gilet and jerseys in duck egg blue and orange.

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Verve Kent and Absolutely Chiswick

8 January 2014

ABSOLUTELY CHISWICK January 2014 1 copyABSOLUTELY CHISWICK January 2014 2 copy

Genus continued to have a great Christmas in the press.  Absolutely Chiswick and Verve Kent, two regional glossies, recommended Genus gardening clothes as gifts for the season.

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Last minute gardening gifts for Christmas

15 December 2013

GROW YOUR OWN December 2013 _0002 resized

As a last minute gardening gift, it's still not too late to place your order for an item from the Genus range, and be sure of getting it delivered before Christmas.

The Genus range of gardening clothes has really taken off this Christmas.  The trousers, gilets and jerseys are all flying out of the door and customers are telling us how pleased they are.

Genus is unique, it is the only brand that offers the combination of performance and style that keen gardeners have been looking for.  So if you're still wondering how to delight the keen gardeners in your family or social circle, look no further.

Gardening trousers for men and women

Lightweight, stretch, durable, and showerproof with pioneering knee and seat protection, and a complement of useful pockets including one for sharp tools.

Windproof gilets for men and women

Windproof, water resistant and extremely flexible, ideal for gardening in most weathers. A unique Cordura lined pocket in the back holds secateurs or knives safely to hand.

Long sleeve jerseys for men and women

Soft touch fabric made out of recycled coffee fibres in two rich colours. A longer body length and longer sleeves for secure cover-up and a thumb loop for wrist protection.


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