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Why gardening is better than the gym

10 June 2017

Gardening is not only good for your soul, it's also a great way to burn off calories in the winter months. For some people, a spot of gardening is their main form of exercise, and the average gardener can burn off 19,000 calories a year!

A spot of weeding

Whilst most people view gardening as a relaxing, leisurely activity, you can actually burn around 300 calories an hour carrying out simple tasks such as planting shrubs or using a wheelbarrow. Even the most basic of gardening activities can be calorie-intensive whilst also helping to keep you supple and flexible, with 30 minutes of weeding burning around 150 calories.

Protect yourself

If you're carrying out more labour-intensive tasks such as using a heavy hedge trimmer, you could burn up to 400 calories an hour, but make sure you take regular breaks. Protective equipment such as gloves and performance gardenwear with proper knee protection will ensure you stay fit and healthy during your gardening workout!

Squeezing in a spot of gardening after work, or spending your Saturday afternoons out in the garden will not only help you to stay fit and healthy, it will also help aid relaxation - yet another reason to brave the cold and go gardening this winter!

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John Harrison's old gardening trousers

11 December 2013

John Harrison's trousers

John Harrison bought a pair of Genus gardening trousers and took this photo of his old ones before throwing them away.  He says:

"I tend to kneel down when I'm gardening and every single pair of trousers that I have ever worn have torn in the right knee.  You can carry on wearing torn trousers but you just get horribly wet."

I'm really pleased with my Genus trousers because I can kneel down as much as I want and my legs stay completely dry.  And I don't even need a kneeler because the neoprene lining around the knee gives enough protection."

Thanks very much for the feedback, John.  We've just sent you a pair of Genus socks.  Hope you enjoy them too.

If any other gardeners would like to send us a photo of their old gardening clothes, along with their name, address and sock size, we'll give them a free pair of Genus socks.

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