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How to keep a garden notebook

If you’re struggling to remember which bed you planted the onions in last, or the name of a particular variety of perennial that did well, perhaps this is the year you start your gardening journal. 

You could use a simple...

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Gardening tip - saving seed

Autumn is a good time save seed.  Leave a few flowerheads on your favourite plants after they've finished blooming to allow the seeds to ripen – aster seeds are attached to a head of fluffy down, which makes them easy...
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Gardening tip - Winter violas

Winter violas are wonderful hardy little gems that will flower on through the coldest months.  Try sowing some seeds now to flower in a few months’ time.  Sow seeds thinly and evenly in seed compost and cover as they’ll need darkness to germinate,...

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Your August gardening to-do list

Everything is growing very fast now, with plenty of harvesting, deadheading and seed-collecting to be done.  Here’s how to keep the garden looking good into autumn.

  1. Keep deadheading annuals, perennials and repeat flowering roses, cutting penstemon flowers back...
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Gardening tip - deadheading roses

Keep deadheading your roses religiously for a succession of blooms.  Removing heads instantly smartens up the plant and can keep repeat-flowering roses going for months.  Remove the flowers as you go along and once all flowering heads are spent, cut...

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Gardening tip - the Chelsea chop

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show may not have happened this year but we can still think of it while we prune back our late flowering herbaceous plants to avoid them getting too leggy.  By removing the top shoots, and cutting...

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Gardening tip - heal your lawn

If you you’ve noticed any bald patches in your lawn, there’s still time to reseed them.  Rough up the area with a rake adding a bit of sharp sand for drainage if needs be and a layer of topsoil, scatter...
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Gardening tip - Don't give up on your daffodils

Don’t give up on daffodils that didn’t flower this year.  Instead try splitting them to give them more space as it’s possible that they’ve become congested.  Follow with a feed of blood, fish and bone and allow the leaves...
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