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Podcast - The Garden Log

Gardener and podcaster Ben Dark, has until recently been working as a Head Gardener at a private English country estate but has now moved his family to Copenhagen where he will continue his gardening journey and log. 

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Podcast - This week in the garden with Peter Seabrook

Gardening writer, broadcaster and lecturer, Peter shares his wealth of experience on this horticultural podcast.

He talks to horticultural experts from all aspects of the gardening world, from designers Ann-Marie Powell and Bunny Guinness to many of the less high-profile...

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Podcast - The Virgin Gardener

The Virgin Gardener podcast presented by Laetitia Maklouf and Andrew O’Brien is aimed at anyone wanting to green up their space – indoor or out.  They have a fabulous line up of guests from all areas of the horticultural world...

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Podcast - The Dirt

This is a podcast devoted to growing fruit and vegetables presented by Laura, the editor of Grow Your Own Magazine, and other members of the team.  The show focuses on the pleasures of growing vegetables, learning along the way, rather...

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Vlog - The Plant-Based Podcast

In the newly revamped plant-based podcast, Michael and Ellen discuss everything from garden design to growing your own fruit and vegetables, with lots of tips along the way.  The pair invite interesting guests to share their knowledge on everything from...

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Vlog - Simplify Gardening

Gardening vlogger Tony O’Neill is a full- time firefighter, but his real passion is gardening and he has created a YouTube channel to offer practical advice on growing organic food and solving common gardening problems.

I found Tony’s tips on...

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Podcast - Mic the gardener

A passionate gardener and designer, Mike Palmer has recently launched his own podcast.  He already had a busy Instagram account where you can see him live on his ‘Sunday Stroll’, showing us round his garden and sharing his knowledge. Mike also...

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Vlog - Tanya Anderson's Lovely Greens

Organic gardener, author, blogger and vlogger Tanya Anderson’s successful YouTube channel, Lovely Greens, has masses of weekly posts on organic vegetable gardening as well as growing herbs and plants for making natural skincare products.

Originally from America, Tanya moved from...

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Vlog - Garden Organic

In its video guides, the UK’s biggest organic gardening charity, looks at a range of different solutions to gardening without chemicals.  Chris from Garden Organic is a fan of houseplants and has filmed an informative video on making a mini...

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Vlog - Pots & Trowels

If you’re missing your weekly fix of Monty Don in his garden while Gardeners’ World has its winter break, this could fill the gap.  In his weekly Youtube vlog, Martin Fish goes through seasonal gardening jobs, in a clear, authoritative...

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Podcast - Growing Wild

Charlotte Petts presents a thought-provoking show about nature in both the countryside and urban spaces.  She talks to a wide range of gardeners, designers and environmentalists covering everything from healthy soil and the importance of hedges, to foraging, allotments and community...

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Our vlog pick - Huw Richards: Grow Food Organically

Huw is only in his early twenties, but he has been creating YouTube videos on veg growing since he was 12 and is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  His hands-on advice on growing your own organic vegetables, from sowing seeds to...

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Our vlog pick - The Garden Ninja

The Garden Ninja, aka Lee Burkhill, is a garden designer from the north of England whose YouTube videos give clear, practical advice on design and gardening, helping people avoid common mistakes and give things a go.

You get a real...

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Our vlog pick - Sean's Allotment Homestead Garden

London-based gardener Sean James Cameron has been gardening for over 30 years and is passionate about growing his own produce and sharing his knowledge.  His most recent videos follow his journey creating a new allotment into a ‘bountiful land of...

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Our podcast pick - Talking Heads

This lively and informative gardening podcast - which recently celebrated 10,000 downloads - makes for comforting and informative listening while you’re doing your gardening or cooking.  Fellow head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain are also good friends, which gives...

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Our blog pick - Ann Marie Powell's My Real Garden

The award-winning and charismatic celebrity garden designer, presenter and writer, is media friendly and has appeared on various Youtube videos sharing her extensive knowledge and experience of garden design and gardens and enthusing people about gardening.  Recently she’s been turning...

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Our vlog pick - Charles Dowding, no dig gardening

If you’re interested in growing vegetables with a no dig approach, this YouTube channel is an excellent resource.  Charles Dowding is an expert in the subject, having pioneered the no-dig technique of growing veg.

He has a productive acre plot...

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Our podcast pick - The Garden Podcast

I really enjoyed listening to this informative monthly podcast presented by Chris Young, editor of The Garden magazines.  Designed to complement the print content, it goes deeper into topics covered, with interviews with designers as well as a...

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