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Technology in the garden - smart rain gauge

It’s easy to overestimate how much water a garden has really had after it’s rained.  The soil might look wet, but it could be surface moisture.  A rain gauge can help you be more precise when watering and prevent...

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Technology in the garden - Big Green Egg

Roast chicken in the garden, anyone?

If lockdown inspired you to cook al fresco, but you’d like to do more than grill a sausage, it might be worth investing in this iconic outdoor oven.

So, what’s all the fuss about?...

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Technology in the garden - UV garden parasols

Parasols are perfect for creating soothing shade in a favourite seating or dining area in the garden.  And with climate change and our growing understanding of the damage the sun does, it’s particularly important to consider the level of protection...

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Technology in the garden - the olla

The use of ollas - unglazed porous clay vessels - is an ancient technique for irrigation, saving time energy and water.  It’s a simple idea: the clay pot is buried under the soil with only the opening visible and slightly...

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Technology in the garden - low energy patio heaters

Aside from blankets and layers, you might think that firepits are the most eco-friendly way of keeping warm outside, but unless you do your own logging, wood has to be cut down and transported, the heat given off tends not...

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Technology in the garden - bringing on sound

With the weather warming up and garden gatherings back on the cards, you might want to liven up the atmosphere with a little music.  There’s an increasing range of wired and wireless speakers designed to withstand the weather and spread...

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Technology in the garden - Recycled scissors

A good pair of scissors is always useful for gardeners for cutting twine, snipping herbs or a spot of deadheading.  And the good news is Fiskars, makers of the iconic orange-handled scissors, have introduced a recycled version of their multi-...

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Technology in the garden - cold frame know-how

Coldframes are a useful bit of kit for extending your growing season.  Basically, a box that lies flat on the ground with a transparent sloping roof, a cold frame allows maximum light whilst providing shelter and protection form the elements.

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Technology in the garden - Veritable Indoor Garden

Using fresh herbs in your cooking gives really lifts flavours and the smart indoor garden from Veritable allows you to have a range of fresh herbs and mini vegetables throughout the winter.

This well-designed device has an LED grow light...

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Technology in the garden - outdoor Christmas lights

Decorating your garden with twinkly lights creates a welcoming and fun festive atmosphere – something we need this year more than ever.  Here are a few things to bear in mind before creating your Christmas display.

For mains supply lights...

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Technology in the garden - bulb planting tools

Bulbs are a must for early spring colour, and if you haven’t yet planted yours, there’s still time.  It can be a labour-intensive job, but having the right tools saves time.  Here are a few options.

There are many different...

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Technology in the garden - bird feeders

Winter and early spring is the best time to feed birds, especially during cold snaps, when their natural food supplies are low.  Like us, different species eat different things, so choosing bird feeders for different food types, from seeds and...

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Technology in the garden - easy top fruit pickers

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us.  But if your apple and pear trees have grown so tall you can’t reach the fruit at the top of the tree, and ladders aren’t an option, a fruit picker...

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Technology in the garden - the chair to save the oceans

If you’re in the market for some more garden furniture and are wanting to do something about the environment, the DuraOcean could be the answer.  This ground breaking chair, designed by manufacturers of sustainable furniture Lifestyle Garden with support from...

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Technology in the garden - wheelbarrows

The latest innovations are designed to ease the strain and make gardening easier.

The Bucketbarrow.  The wheelbarrow is a mainstay bit of kit for gardeners, yet since its invention thousands of years ago, it hasn’t changed much - so say the...

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Technology in the garden - Vegebag

If you’re looking for extra growing space, either in a small garden or because you’ve already packed your garden to the rafters and want to squeeze in some salad leaves, this nifty product is a useful little garden extension for...

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Technology in the garden - birdsong identification apps

Listening to birdsong is one of the great pleasures of being in our gardens more.  And while all birdsong is a delight, getting to know particular bird song brings even greater satisfaction.  Some people are pretty good at this already,...

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Technology in the garden - Eco twine

Gardeners use a lot of twine at this time of year for making pea and bean wigwams, tying in young stems and marking out lines for seed sowing.  If you want to make your garden more sustainable, using eco twines...

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Technology in the garden - Tripod ladder knowhow

If your yew hedge is getting out of control and you’re looking for a safe way to prune it this Easter Bank Holiday, you may want to invest in a tripod ladder.  Here’s what to consider
Why do you need a...

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