In The Genus Garden

Why do you garden?

There are so many different reasons that people garden.  Here is a selection of thoughts from our customers.

I love being outside in different seasons working with the soil and all the amazing variety of plants. ...

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A Day in the Sun

Wonderful weather this week has allowed us to make some progress in the garden.  An area in the woodland garden has a number of Betula jacquemontii underplanted with a variety of shrubs, hellebores, and bulbs.  Carpets of self seeded...

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Signs of Spring get gardeners going

So the Spring equinox has arrived, the time when the day and night are equally long, and we know we are moving towards the longer days...

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Jobs a'plenty

We spent some valuable time walking around the garden this week looking at jobs to do and making decisions on some shrubs that needed moving.

Three philadelphus have been struggling to put on any growth with competition under the canopy...

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Digging up the stumps

In the film Out of Africa Meryl Streep may have had a coffee farm 'at the foot of the Ngong Hills’ but at Genus HQ we are very proud of our ‘hazel nuttery around the back of the garden shed’.  Planted...

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Simple Division

With the recent wind and rain we’ve been holding back a few tasks that we could do if things got just too tempestuous to carry on working outside.  Thursday was just such a day where an hour or two would...

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Help is at hand for overstretched gardeners

How many times have you moaned about not having enough time to do all the jobs in the garden?  You have a few hours, but you still can’t manage to finish everything.  And the garden waits for no-one.

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Net Result

This week we started to  replace the netting on our much loved and productive fruit cage.  Stage one was carried out several weeks ago when a mistake was rectified and we removed what...

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Your February gardening to-do list

The snowdrops are in full bloom and we can just see the tips of the narcissus tete-a-tete, a sign that spring is just around the corner.  Here are our top 10 jobs for you to do this month.

  1. Prepare raised beds...
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Tea and no cake!

With the air crisp and the grass frozen we kept off the lawns last week and spent some time spreading compost on the vegetable beds and turning the heaps.  Our three bay system had become completely full and a large pile...

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Outdoor clothing at ISPO Munich 2020

We’ve just come back from a couple of days at the Sports and Outdoor Trade Fair. This is held twice a year, in summer and winter, and is the premier exhibition for manufacturers of gear for the sports...

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Scented treats

Visitors to Genus HQ have been met in recent days by an incredible scent.  Along the path and next to the front door are some mature specimens of Sarcococca that we planted nearly ten years ago.

The inconspicuous...

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Silk in the borders

This week our Garrya eliptica seemed to suddenly turn a corner.  Almost overnight its long silvery catkins started to lengthen and our eyes were suddenly drawn to the back of the  border.

The silk tassel bush as it’s...

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Fascinating fasciation

Our lovely woodland garden at Genus HQ is planted with a range of spring flowering bulbs, shrubs, and perennials.  Each year one of the Helleborus foetidus plants puts out curious flowering stems that exhibit fasciation: a flattening of stems and...

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Your January gardening to-do list

It’s mid winter, but there are plenty of jobs to get on with in the garden. Here’s our top 10:

  1. Cut down tatty stems of perennials such as sedum and clip ornamental grasses right back if you haven’t yet...
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Feathered Friends

We love feeding the birds at Genus HQ. A range of dishes from fatballs and peanuts, to...

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Signs of life

We’ve been clearing leaves from the lawns at Genus HQ with huge piles scooped, wheeled, and deposited into our wire leaf-enclosures.  A large mound to the side of the driveway was removed exposing the delicate shoots of snowdrops, drifts of...

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An icy pond

Not long after our first snow of the year air temperatures dropped sufficiently at Genus HQ for the pond to freeze over.  A thriving home for wildlife including toads, newts, and dragonflies it also has goldfish which are our main...

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Your December gardening to-do list

It's chilly, but there's still plenty to harvest, prune and tidy, and this is a great time to prepare for the busier months ahead.
  1. If your garden lacks winter interest why not invest in a shrub or tree with...
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First snow

We’ve had our first snow of the season at Genus HQ.  Cold blustery showers on already very wet ground made gardening virtually impossible.  Standing on the paths to avoid damaging the lawn, we did manage to carry out some work...

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Splitting and dividing

Some of our favourite plants in the Genus garden are also some of the most successful; they put on so much growth that we dig up and divide them every few years.  Our...

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