It's a Cotswold Life for Sue

Avid readers of the Genus blog will be familiar with the story of our founder Sue and the boundless passion she has poured into transforming a once rambling and overgrown Cotswold garden into the showpiece it is today. It was through this labour of love that Sue recognised the screaming need for better gear to keep serious gardeners cosy and presentable through all seasons, and the seed of Genus was planted.

Leading regional lifestyle magazine Cotswold Life got wind of Sue’s story and were so interested in the woman behind both the Genus brand and her extraordinary garden they sent along reporter Mandy Bradshaw to find out more.

Sue picks up the story; “having only taken up gardening seriously with my move from London to the Cotswolds in 2009, I’m just incredibly thrilled to be featured in Cotswold Life. It’s a real honour. Although we gardeners tend to be a modest bunch, secretly we all thrive on getting compliments about our gardens, especially from people like Mandy who really know their stuff.”

As well as detailing many of the varieties in the Genus garden the story also covers Sue’s thrill in developing her pond which now boasts lots of wildlife, with the newts being a favourite; “you just put water in and you get life. It’s fantastic.”

We recommend you all rush to the newsstands now and pick up the October edition of Cotswold Life to find out more.