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Gardening - a spiritual experience?

In her 1913 collection of poems, Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote,

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God's Heart in a garden

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Our New Year resolution:do more gardening

It’s January 1st and with pen poised over a sheet of paper, we’re planning how we’re going to make the very best of 2020.  Some of us are focused on losing weight, getting fit and becoming more active.  Some are...
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Forget yoga, try gardening this winter

Exercise addicts are always trying to convince us of the benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, stronger joints and bones and a relaxed body and mind. But did you know that 30 – 45 minutes of gardening a...

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Autumn colour therapy

We have written a number of blogs about how great gardening is for improving gardener’s general levels of health and fitness.  Our health and wellbeing though, is not just a physical thing.  There are many aspects of our health which...

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Gardening and the five senses

Gardening is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, helping you to feel more relaxed, alleviating symptoms of stress and depression and allowing you to enjoy nature. In Japan, gardens are designed specifically to delight each of your five senses,...

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Gardening by moonlight

Gardeners will know that gardening is not just a physical activity, it encompasses a philosophy of life, an approach to growing and a favoured set of techniques that vary from gardener to gardener. Having visited a number of National Garden...
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Why gardening is better than the gym

Gardening is not only good for your soul, it's also a great way to burn off calories in the winter months. For some people, a spot of gardening is their main form of exercise, and the average gardener can burn...
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Gardening at the office

We are drawing close to the end of the gardening year. The Genus garden is being tidied up and put to bed for the winter. The long days pottering and working outside are replaced with a bit more time...

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How much fruit and veg - is it 5 or 7?

Five a day doesn't mean WEARING the fruit and veg

Eating fruit and veg has been a big topic in the news for some time.  In the UK the campaign to “Eat 5 a Day” was launched in 2002 in the...

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Say goodbye to allergies when gardening

Gardening offers many health benefits: it increases flexibility, provides a workout, helps to keep you supple and can even boost your mood, alleviating depression and anxiety. But for allergy sufferers, gardening can become very challenging, even during the...

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Gardening for SAD relief

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is often also referred to as winter blues or winter depression, and affects up to 20% of the population annually. It’s a type of depression which occurs seasonally, with symptoms including sleeping more, a...

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Gardening significantly reduces heart attack risk in over 60s

A study of over 4,000 people in Stockholm, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has showed that regular daily gardening can prolong life by up to 30 per cent for those over 60, whilst cutting the...

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