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The Garden at Rugg Farm

Don’t try using the front door at Rugg Farm; plants are the doorkeepers here barring your access to the 200-year-old farmhouse and giving a clue as to what can be expected in this two acre garden.  Plants,...

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The Garden at Plumley House

Entering through the gates at Plumley House the first things you see are huge granite boulders of monumental proportions deposited there at the end of the last ice age.  Time is relative of course.  Several millenia...

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The Garden Near Bridgnorth

An 18th century farmhouse with beautiful mixed borders and an exceptional range of roses.

As you turn into the driveway of Susanna’s home near Bridgenorth the mid 18th century red brick Georgian farmhouse with pillared portico...

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The Garden at Follyfield Cottage

Ruth and Neale Brydon had to wait eight years to find the perfect garden.  After an eight-year spell working in the United States Ruth longed to return to the UK and have a proper English garden in...

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The Garden at Rocklands

The gentle approach to Mary and John Thurston’s home ‘Rocklands’ in Gloucestershire is via a serpentine metalled driveway that weaves gently through camelias, rhododendrons, and mature sweet chestnuts.  Access to the house, an attractive stuccoed villa of...

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The Garden off the High Street

An 18th century townhouse with a mature beautifully laid out garden with an exceptional plant palette.

Jill and William Stewart have lived at their home near Towcester for 40 years and the High Street location...

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Gardening - a spiritual experience?

In her 1913 collection of poems, Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote,

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God's Heart in a garden

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Oasis in the Sky

With careful planning, you can create a green haven on your balcony that’s full of scent and colour.

First, it’s important to check how much weight your balcony can take, whether it’s waterproof and if it has drainage.  It’s also...

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Grow Your Own on a Balcony

With a national lockdown and supermarkets depleted, producing your own fruit and vegetables has more appeal than ever.  And there’s so much you can grow in the smallest of spaces.

There’s nothing like freshly picked salad leaves, which grow well...

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Women in the Garden

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with the shops filling up with cards and flowers it got us thinking about the relationship between women and gardening.  I suppose it’s a bit like food – the top chefs tend...
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Our New Year resolution:do more gardening

It’s January 1st and with pen poised over a sheet of paper, we’re planning how we’re going to make the very best of 2020.  Some of us are focused on losing weight, getting fit and becoming more active.  Some are...
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Christmas gifts for gardeners

It’s getting to look a lot like that time of year! We have been really busy here in the Genus packing shed over the last week, as the rush to get gardeners their great gifts of performance gardening...

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Forget yoga, try gardening this winter

Exercise addicts are always trying to convince us of the benefits of yoga – increased flexibility, stronger joints and bones and a relaxed body and mind. But did you know that 30 – 45 minutes of gardening a...

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Autumn colour therapy

We have written a number of blogs about how great gardening is for improving gardener’s general levels of health and fitness.  Our health and wellbeing though, is not just a physical thing.  There are many aspects of our health which...

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Gardening and the five senses

Gardening is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, helping you to feel more relaxed, alleviating symptoms of stress and depression and allowing you to enjoy nature. In Japan, gardens are designed specifically to delight each of your five senses,...

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Count the Painted Lady butterfly

It seems that we are heading for a mass influx of Painted Lady butterflies (Vanessa cardui) over the next few weeks.  Although we get these butterflies regularly during the summer months,...

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Gardeners can play a part in Citizen Science

One of the surprising things to pop up in the Genus garden lately was a bright shiny green beetle that was all over the sage and lavender bushes.  Curiosity peaked, and when we Googled “shiny green beetle” we...

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June and July celebrate the rose

It’s the end of June and we are getting excited about Hampton Court Flower Show which starts soon.  One of the specialties of the show is...

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Cotswold strawberries ready for Wimbledon 2019

It’s just a few days to go before Wimbledon 2019 starts. It’s my only must-see sporting event of the year. The strawberries in the Genus garden have been in full production for the last fortnight, so we will be...

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Right royal gardeners

In helping to design and plant out the Back To Nature garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, the Duchess of Cambridge is continuing a long tradition of gardening amongst the British Royal family.

Prince Charles is well known as a thought...

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Mother's Day flowers

There are many traditional Mother's Day flowers depending on where in the world you look. The British tradition of “Mothering Sunday” started in the sixteenth century and provided an opportunity for families who had moved away to return...

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