In the Genus Garden

19  August 2019

Found in a hole in the large ash tree next to the front gate was this little fellow; not a mouse, but a vole.  We seem to have a lot of voles in the Genus garden, or maybe it's one vole causing havoc to the roots of plants.  There is one flower bed where the soil feels spongy from so many tunnels under the surface.

11 August 2019

Joff, our gardener, has been on holiday for the last three weeks so everything is behind and the rest of the team have been struggling to fit in some gardening alongside running Genus and keeping up with the orders.

The last few days of wind and rain have left the borders in the flower garden in a pretty sorry state with tall perennials such as the dahlias and helenium, and annuals such as cosmos, now scraping the ground rather than standing up tall as they are supposed to do.

Top priority is watering the fifty odd tomato plants in the greenhouses.  The pans in the kitchen are on standby, waiting for the tomatoes to turn red, at which point we will all be busy making huge quantities of soups, passata, and pasta sauces to store frozen for the coming winter.