Genus is the world’s only brand of high performance, technical outdoor clothing with unique features and functionality, specially designed for gardening.

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Hot moves

Just like everyone else we’ve been experiencing extremes of heat in the Genus garden over the last week or two.  Heavy rains before it all started have meant that soil moisture levels have remained high and grass that...

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Primping and preening

We spent some time in the Genus greenhouse this week.  Early mornings are always best for this operation before the sun creeps over the trees and makes temperatures under glass uncomfortable.  Some excess tomatoes we’d reserved as spares were...

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High stakes

Another lovely week in the Genus garden and once again we're talking staking.  Dahlias in particular have reached a point where they could quickly become a mess if high winds or torrential rain should hit; all quite possible...

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The Story of Genus Gardenwear

We're totally passionate about gardening. We are an English company, based in the beautiful Cotswold countryside. Our range of men’s gardening clothing and women’s gardening clothing are designed by keen gardeners who understand how the right sort of clothes can make gardening more comfortable and even more enjoyable.

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