Well-trained mock orange

We’ve talked about the climbing plants at Genus HQ before and we’ve probably mentioned the philadelphus on the north side of the cottage.  Planted in the border some years ago it started to become more enthusiastic in its growth than...

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Your July gardening to-do list

High summer is here with gardens in full bloom and plenty of vegetables to crop and enjoy. Here’s how to keep on top of it all:

  1. With garden centres teaming with tempting summer colour, this is a good time...
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Your June gardening to-do list

Summer is here at last and roses and many perennials are flowering in earnest. There’s still lots to do but make time to appreciate the results of your hard work.

  1. Keep deadheading spent flowers on perennials and roses to...
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Competition - Gardening in the Era of Lockdown

Last month in our Potpourri magazine we ran a competition: write 200 words on the theme of Gardening in the Era of Lockdown and win a £100 Genus gift voucher.  A big thanks to everyone who sent in their contributions,...

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The Genus Garden in China

A couple of years ago, we were looking to change the factory where our clothes are manufactured.  We had been using a facility in the east of China, but we weren’t completely satisfied, and we thought how wonderful it would...

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Your May gardening to-do list

Spring has sprung at last and there’s plenty to do in the garden. Here are our top 10 jobs for you to do now.

  1. Prune your penstemon now - provided there is new growth at the bottom of the plant,...
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Book review - The Essential Garden Design Workbook

Lockdown is a great time to read and skill up, and for anyone wanting to learn more about garden design, this bestselling classic gives you a thorough grounding in the subject.  This is the third update to Rosemary Alexander’s original...

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News from Genus - Refer a Friend

So many of our customers are already recommending Genus to their friends and family that we thought we would like to reward you.

Now when you refer a friend they get 10% off their first purchase and you get a discount of...
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Oasis in the Sky

With careful planning, you can create a green haven on your balcony that’s full of scent and colour.

First, it’s important to check how much weight your balcony can take, whether it’s waterproof and if it has drainage.  It’s also...

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Grow Your Own on a Balcony

With a national lockdown and supermarkets depleted, producing your own fruit and vegetables has more appeal than ever.  And there’s so much you can grow in the smallest of spaces.

There’s nothing like freshly picked salad leaves, which grow well...

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Why do you garden?

There are so many different reasons that people garden.  Here is a selection of thoughts from our customers.

I love being outside in different seasons working with the soil and all the amazing variety of plants. ...

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Signs of Spring get gardeners going

So the Spring equinox has arrived, the time when the day and night are equally long, and we know we are moving towards the longer days...

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Women in the Garden

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with the shops filling up with cards and flowers it got us thinking about the relationship between women and gardening.  I suppose it’s a bit like food – the top chefs tend...
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Your March gardening to-do list

It’s March tomorrow and it's getting busy out there in the garden. As you can see, Joff has been pruning the roses in the Genus garden.  Here are our top 10 jobs for you to do now.
  1. By...
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Help is at hand for overstretched gardeners

How many times have you moaned about not having enough time to do all the jobs in the garden?  You have a few hours, but you still can’t manage to finish everything.  And the garden waits for no-one.

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Outdoor clothing at ISPO Munich 2020

We’ve just come back from a couple of days at the Sports and Outdoor Trade Fair. This is held twice a year, in summer and winter, and is the premier exhibition for manufacturers of gear for the sports...

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Garden trends - A fashion for foliage

Garden designers have been busy predicting trends for 2020 with large leafed plants and bolder colours anticipated to become increasingly popular.  We asked leading Garden Designer Barbara Samitier (MSGD) for her thoughts on how to inject more lush...

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Your January gardening to-do list

It’s mid winter, but there are plenty of jobs to get on with in the garden. Here’s our top 10:

  1. Cut down tatty stems of perennials such as sedum and clip ornamental grasses right back if you haven’t yet...
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It’s January 1st and with pen poised over a sheet of paper, we’re planning how we’re going to make the very best of 2020.  Some of us are focused on losing weight, getting fit and becoming more active.  Some are...
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Body, soul and gardening - Beat the winter blues with mindful gardening

Mindfulness – which put simply means living fully in the present, rather than worrying about the past or future - has huge benefits including stress relief and better focus.
Gardening is the perfect activity to connect with what you’re doing...
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Your midwinter gardening to-do list

It may be a quieter month in the garden but there is still plenty to do to keep the garden tidy and weed-free, ready for the year ahead.

  1. Clean and sharpen your tools such as secateurs to make them...
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