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Plant of the month - Clematis

Clematis are fabulous for clambering through roses, up fences, walls and over shrubs and pergolas.   There’s one for every month - the more the merrier we say! 

For spring, March flowering, shade tolerant C. armandii such as lovely pink- tinged...

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Body, soul and gardening - successional planting to stimulate the senses

One of the most obvious ways of creating a garden that stimulates the senses is with long-season, layered planting that keeps the colour and interest going all year.

Bulbs are invaluable for this.  Early-flowering snowdrops, scillas, Anemone blanda and muscari...

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Garden trends - natural swimming ponds

With our summers getting hotter, a dip in your own beautiful and chemical free-swimming pond is becoming an increasingly popular idea.

Unlike bright blue, artificial looking rectangular shaped traditional swimming pools, natural swimming pools blend more harmoniously into the landscape. ...

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Gardening hero - Nicki Chapman

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show presenter, who has a passion for gardening, enjoys pottering around her newly re-designed garden in Chiswick, London, that she shares with her husband, record company executive Dave Shackleton.

Despite being compact, Nicki’s always valued the...

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Q&A with Mark Brent, Curator of Oxford Botanic Gardens

What about your journey into horticulture?
My father was a (progressive) farm manager and conservationist, so nature was unavoidable growing up.  Seeing  tree ferns and palm trees in gardens in  South West Scotland opened up new horizons for me.  The diploma...

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Technology in the garden - new generation robot mowers

If you’ve been tempted by robot mowers but not yet taken the plunge, now might be a good time, as a new generation of robot mowers have seen major changes and advantages.

One of the big differences now is that...

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Vlog: The Enduring Gardener

Daniel Carruthers has created a garden in Chester from scratch, charting his adventures on his YouTube channel, The Enduring Gardener, where he shares his journey trying new planting combinations and creating a relaxing and enjoyable garden to spend time with...

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Plant of the month - ferns

Ferns provide elegant soft green foliage in shady areas of the garden.  They’re wonderful when planted under trees  with other shade-tolerant perennials such as white astrantia and which work best en masse creating a calm, woodland feel.  Evergreen ferns look...

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Garden trends - bright colours

We all need uplifting colour in our lives at the moment in particular, and people are increasingly drawn to planting with bold, vibrant hues to create spaces that are uplifting and full of joy, life and fun.

Rich rusty oranges...

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Body, soul and gardening - the no dig method

Leaving your soil undisturbed not only saves you time and energy, but benefits the soil and creates healthier plants…so it’s a win, win.

You simply cover your bed with a thick layer of organic matter or mulch, such as...

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Q&A with Greg Oven, Head Gardener at Pashley Manor

How did your love of plants came about?
My love of plants came from spending a lot of time with my grandparents as a child.  They were keen vegetable growers and would regularly take me to visit local horticultural shows.
What does...
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Gardening hero - Jeremy Irons

Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons is just as at home in the garden as on the screen and stage.  He finds it grounds him, recalling getting back into the garden after filming one morning in May where the ‘perfumes’ and ‘peace...
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Podcast - Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange

In this hugely engaging and informative podcast, Sarah Raven, Arthur Parkinson and guests discuss their favourite flowers and edibles of the season with masses of useful tips on how to grow, arrange and cook them - and which varieties to...

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Technology in the garden - heated propagators

As the season warms up and our thoughts turn to sowing seeds, a heated propagator is a great asset as they create a consistently warm temperature to help nurture seeds and cuttings.  Warmth at the roots is better than heating...

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Body, soul and gardening - encouraging wildlife

The sight of birds, bees and butterflies in the garden is wonderfully uplifting and restorative – and research shows that connecting with nature makes us feel more relaxed and less stressed.  So, gardening in a way that encourages wildlife brings...

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Garden trends - naturalistic garden design

There’s an increasing movement in garden design towards gardens that take their cue from nature.  If you’re ready to embrace your wild side, here are a few pointers.

Don’t over garden, spend time enjoying some imperfection.  This doesn’t mean letting everything...

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Plant of the month - Euphorbia

Euphorbias are fabulous foliage plants with many displaying brilliant lime green flowers in spring and summer.  Here’s a rundown of a few of our favourites.

One of the biggest varieties is E. mellifera, a bold architectural evergreen plant with rusty...

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Gardening heroine - Jilly Cooper

The bubbly bonkbuster author has lived in her picturesque14th Century house in Bisley, Gloucestershire since 1982.  The large sprawling garden is idyllically situated with views across the valley and rolling countryside.

Although Jilly is extremely busy with her writing, she...

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Q&A with Jonathan Webster, curator RHS Garden Rosemoor

Tell us about your career path so far.

My grandmother passed on her passion for plants and gardening.  After leaving school, I started an apprenticeship at Ventnor Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight where I grew up, followed by...

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Podcast - Gardeners' Question Time

It’s comforting listening to Gardeners' Question Time on its long-standing Sunday afternoon slot.  But equally, the beauty of the GQT podcast is that it allows you to binge on this horticultural show, any time, anywhere, keeping you entertained while you’re...

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Technology in the garden - smart irrigation

If you’re looking for an alternative to hand watering your garden, because it’s too time consuming or because you go away in the summer, a smart irrigation system could be the answer.  Here’s the low down:

What are they?


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