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Body, soul and gardening - black vegetables for health

As well as fruit such as blackberries and blueberries, black vegetables like carrots and tomatoes not only look amazing in your garden and on your plate, they’re also extremely nutritious.  In reality, plants are probably more very deep purple...

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Black plants and foliage - drama in your garden

Whether it’s splashes of inky tulips or swathes of purple foliage, dark hues add depth and drama to the garden borders. 

There is a wealth of dusky beauties to explore.  For the winter months, dark hellebores such as...

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Gardening hero - Danny Clarke (aka The Black Gardener)

Garden designer and television presenter, Danny Clarke is passionate about transforming gardens, and can be seen on our screens as part of Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden team on ITV and the Channel 5 series Filthy Garden SOS.

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Garden trends - fashionable black features

From seating and planters to fences and walls, black looks stylish in the garden.  It’s also versatile, working in both contemporary and traditional settings.  Here are three ways to use it:

As a backdrop: As a wall or...

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Cut flower corner - stylish black berries

Berries are great for adding contrasting texture and shape to floral arrangements.  Black berries are particularly sophisticated.  Here are a few varieties of to look out for. 

Several viburnum varieties have black berries.  V. tinus ‘Eve Price’ is...

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Black gold - leaf mould

As well as being free and easy to make, leaf mould is one of the best soil improvers there is.  Here’s what you need to know:

Made entirely of leaves that have been decomposed by fungi, leaf...

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Savon noir - black soap for natural garden health

As gardeners we’re always seeking out products that look after our plants as well as the environment and Le Savonnier Marseillais black liquid soap is a natural way of protecting plants, fruit and vegetables from pests and diseases. 

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Cut flower corner - what to pick in late October

There’s something very beautiful about the warm, faded colours of autumn, moving us slowly into the colder months.  

There are fewer flowers in the garden, but you might still find the last of the cosmos and dahlias...

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Body, soul and gardening - companion planting

Companion planting is a natural and healthy way of protecting plants from pests and diseases.  Growing particular species together, such as aromatic plants next to a row of vulnerable vegetables, can help ward off pests such as carrot root...

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Garden trends - greenhouse for living

Having a greenhouse in the garden for growing tomatoes, sowing seeds and extending your growing season is ever-popular.  But as well as this, people are increasingly using greenhouses for other ‘lifestyle’ activities such as dining and relaxing.   

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The Celebrity Gardener - the Duchess of Cornwall

It’s well known that Prince Charles is passionate about gardens, the countryside and the environment.  But less so that his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, shares his passion for gardening. 

The couple who live at Highgrove in Gloucestershire,...

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Q&A with Christopher Skinner of Sheffield Park

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I just love my job, I've been doing it for 10 years, and I hope to be doing it for many more.  I love plants - particularly trees, wildlife and...

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Talking Dirty with The Get Gardening Podcast

A gardening podcast for plant lovers, this is a lively video podcast presented by Thordis and Alan Gray (of East Ruston Old Vicarage gardens) where they catch up with their friends, from head gardeners to other experts who share...

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Technology in the garden - Husk

We’re become increasingly conscious of minimising plastic, and sustainable companies such as Husk are making great strides in helping this happen.  A family-run business who have been on a mission for the last  20 years to make gardening a...

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Piet Oudolf Field, Bruton, Somerset

This small but perfect garden, designed by Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf, is a beautiful tapestry of colour even at this time of year.  The gardens were created from the farmland, while the farm buildings are now a gallery...

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Body, soul and gardening - the sound of silence

The world is often a noisy place, especially in urban settings.  Research indicates that noise pollution can cause harmful levels of stress, both physically and mentally, and that taking time to be silent in the garden is the perfect...

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Garden trends - gravel gardens

Low maintenance and drought-tolerant, gravel gardens are becoming increasingly popular. They’re perfectly suited to our hot dry summers and have a relaxed airy feel, with plants growing up through gravel with space to breath.

For inspiration, Derek Jarman’s...

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Cut flower corner - what to pick now

The late summer garden can still be full of colour.  There are roses on their second flush, hydrangeas blushing pink and the last of the echinacea, phlox and penstemon taking on a soft faded beauty.  Team this with white...

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The unexpected gardener - Lorraine Kelly

The popular ITV broadcaster enjoys gardening and has talked about finding it a great form of escapism - particularly during stressful times like lockdown.  ‘It’s lovely to just get outside for a while.  I tend to pop in my...

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Technology in the garden - smart rain gauge

It’s easy to overestimate how much water a garden has really had after it’s rained.  The soil might look wet, but it could be surface moisture.  A rain gauge can help you be more precise when watering and prevent...

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Podcast - The Garden Log

Gardener and podcaster Ben Dark, has until recently been working as a Head Gardener at a private English country estate but has now moved his family to Copenhagen where he will continue his gardening journey and log. 

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