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Body, soul and gardening - garden seating

Whether it’s for a moment’s pause or a longer rest, a variety of seating in multiple areas of the garden allows you some calming time out.

Mornings and evenings are good times to take a break.  An east-facing seat is...

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Technology in the garden - the olla

The use of ollas - unglazed porous clay vessels - is an ancient technique for irrigation, saving time energy and water.  It’s a simple idea: the clay pot is buried under the soil with only the opening visible and slightly...

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Podcast - The Dirt

This is a podcast devoted to growing fruit and vegetables presented by Laura, the editor of Grow Your Own Magazine, and other members of the team.  The show focuses on the pleasures of growing vegetables, learning along the way, rather...

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Q & A with leading rose expert Michael Marriott

Michael Marriott is one of the world’s leading rosarians.  He is also well-known for his rose garden design and his common sense approach to looking after roses. 

Can you give any general advice about pruning and feeding roses

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Gardening hero - Alan Titchmarsh

Gardener, writer and television presenter, Alan Titchmarsh, 71, has most recently been on our screens presenting ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’ and ‘Spring into Summer’.  Married to Alison for 46 years, Alan has two daughters and four grandchildren whom he loves...

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Cut flower corner - roses in abundance

The peonies are beginning to wane, but the roses are coming in abundance.  Some good varieties for cutting includes R. ‘Irish Hope’, a pale-yellow floribunda; R.’Winchester Cathedral’, a lovely white rose and R. ‘Queen of Sweden,’ which holds its head...

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Gardening trends - sedum bowls

Low maintenance, evergreen and drought tolerant, sedums are perfect for containers.  So, it’s no surprise that large ceramic bowls and stone troughs with a collection of low-growing hardy sedum are ever-popular, whether for a small balcony or a large patio. ...

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Body, soul and gardening - gardening for mental health

One of the many wonderful things about gardening is that it helps us cultivate our ability to nurture.  As humans, caring for something is intrinsically rewarding and mood-enhancing, says the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Sue Stuart-Smith in her fascinating book ‘The...

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Garden trends - the new exotics

The tropical garden trend continues to be popular with people seeking a ‘holiday’ feeling in their own garden.  Gardens created using lush, leafy exotics work particularly well in urban situations, creating jungly, private spaces, and best suit secluded areas of...

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Body, soul and gardening - home-grown produce for a healthy gut

There’s increasing evidence linking a healthy gut to our physical and mental wellbeing.  A healthy microbiome (the ecosystem of micro-organisms in the intestine) helps us digest our food and absorb nutrients and is believed to improve our immune system and...

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Head Gardener Q&A - Tom Coward from Gravetye Manor

We talk to Tom Coward about developing the historic gardens at Gravetye Manor, East Sussex, created by the ‘wild gardening’ enthusiast William Robinson during the 19th Century. 

How do you manage the heritage of the gardens at Gravetye?

We try to...

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Cut flower corner - early summer bounty

There’s masses to pick in the garden right now to bring inside and enjoy, whether you have a cutting bed or well-stocked borders.  Peonies make wonderful cut flowers, especially the doubles.  Try not to be tempted to pick them in...

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The secret gardener - Ben Shepherd

When he’s not presenting TV programmes including Good Morning Britain, Ben Shepherd enjoys spending time in his garden with his wife Annie and two boys Sam and Jack.

Pictures of his lovely garden posted on social media include one of...

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Vlog - The Plant-Based Podcast

In the newly revamped plant-based podcast, Michael and Ellen discuss everything from garden design to growing your own fruit and vegetables, with lots of tips along the way.  The pair invite interesting guests to share their knowledge on everything from...

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Technology in the garden - low energy patio heaters

Aside from blankets and layers, you might think that firepits are the most eco-friendly way of keeping warm outside, but unless you do your own logging, wood has to be cut down and transported, the heat given off tends not...

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Body, soul and gardening - Japanese gardens

The Japanese have been creating beautiful, balanced gardens for centuries.  These carefully curated versions of the natural landscape create a calm space designed for contemplation.  So, what are some of the elements to borrow in our own gardens?

Water is...

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The secret gardener - Kate Garraway

The TV and radio presenter has talked about how her garden has been a great comfort, while her husband Derek Draper continues to suffer the effects of Covid 19.

Their large London garden with its mature fruit trees and roses,...

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Cut flower corner - what to pick this month

Creating displays from garden flowers is fun and creative, and the act of scouring the garden for colour each month will help ensure you have flowers to pick all year round.

If you’re lucky enough to still have blossom in...

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Garden trends- Hedges, a designer's favourite

As well as covering boundaries, hedges define the structure of a garden, anchoring the design, creating stability and acting as a crisp foil to more ephemeral planting.  Designers are finding new plants and styles for hedge planting to maximise the...

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Head Gardener Q&A - Pat Havers from Waterperry Gardens, Oxfordshire

Tell us about your journey to head gardener here and what you love about it?

My mum used to work at Waterperry so I’ve been around the garden all my life.  When I became a single mum with two daughters, I...

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Technology in the garden - bringing on sound

With the weather warming up and garden gatherings back on the cards, you might want to liven up the atmosphere with a little music.  There’s an increasing range of wired and wireless speakers designed to withstand the weather and spread...

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