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Garden trends - hot tubs

Gardens are working harder than ever, being designed with zones for different activities including exercise, relaxation and entertainment.  A growing trend is to take the well-being element a step further by adding a home spa featuring an indulgent hot tub.

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Body soul and gardening - biophilia for well-being

Biophilic design, a popular interior trend that responds to our innate need to be close to the natural world, is said to create a calmer environment and generally make us happier and more productive.  As gardeners, we well know the...

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Plant of the month - Cyclamen coum

There’s something magical about the way cyclamen lie dormant in warm weather, appearing again when temperatures drop.  Despite their dainty appearance, they bloom through frost and snow and, in the right location, will freely self-seed and carpet the ground.


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Gardening heroine - Elizabeth Hurley

Actress Elizabeth Hurley lives with her son Damian in a large country house in Herefordshire, with extensive grounds.  She’s long been a hands-on gardener; in fact she used to own and run a small organic farm in Ampney Knowle, close...

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Vlog - Agents of Field

Sophie and Ade’s YouTube channel won the Garden Media Guild’s Vlog of the year  with the judges calling it entertaining, well presented and informative.

Run from their kitchen garden in Suffolk, the short seasonal recordings, of seven minutes each, are...

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Q&A with Debbie Roberts from Acres Wild

What are some of the highlights of the winter garden?

Frost can create a magical effect on shrubs, grasses and those sturdy perennials able to retain their structure.  Low winter sun beautifully highlights plants such as dogwoods which work best...

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Technology in the garden - nesting box cameras

A birdbox provides a safe place for garden birds such as blue tits, thrushes and sparrows to nest.  Installing a specialist bird box camera will give you a wonderful insight into birds as they nest and raise their young, close-up....

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Body, soul and gardening - winter scent to lift your mood

Scent has a powerful effect on our mood and this is particularly welcome as we move into the colder months.  Winter flowers tend to have a particularly powerful perfume as they have to work harder to attract the few...

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Garden trends - festive container planting

Container planting is a growing trend with the sale of outdoor plant pots going up by 225% last year, according to the RHS.  Planters can create an instant garden in small spaces and smarten up patios and front...

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Cut flower corner - flora for Xmas

There’s a surprising amount of foliage, berries, branches and even a few blooms to pick and bring in to help decorate your home this Christmas. 

Yew and fir are perfect for creating a Christmassy feeling in a table...

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Gardening hero - Jamie Oliver

The celebrity chef, wife Jools and five children, have fabulous gardens surrounding their beautiful 16th century mansion, Spains Hall in Essex.

As you’d expect, they enjoy eating al fresco together. The family can be seen gathered around a...

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Q&A with hellebore expert, Kevin Belcher, of Ashwood Nursery

Can you give us an overview of the different species of hellebores?

Helleborus x hybridus are more showy and colourful than most of the species.  H. niger, the traditional Christmas rose, makes a great winter display in pots along...

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Podcast - Andrew O'Brien, gardens weeds & words

Gardener and RHS writer Andrew O’Brien’s podcast is an interesting combination of thoughtful, lively conversation, horticultural advice and readings from garden and wildlife writers and poets.  Guests include both gardeners and designers as well as other creatives such as...

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Technology in the garden - eco-friendly thermal weeders

If you’re looking for ways of avoiding polluting the environment with chemical weed killers, but find hand weeding time consuming and unreliable (it’s often hard to get the whole root out), a thermal/electric weed killer might be for you. ...

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Body, soul and gardening - black vegetables for health

As well as fruit such as blackberries and blueberries, black vegetables like carrots and tomatoes not only look amazing in your garden and on your plate, they’re also extremely nutritious.  In reality, plants are probably more very deep purple...

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Black plants and foliage - drama in your garden

Whether it’s splashes of inky tulips or swathes of purple foliage, dark hues add depth and drama to the garden borders. 

There is a wealth of dusky beauties to explore.  For the winter months, dark hellebores such as...

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Gardening hero - Danny Clarke (aka The Black Gardener)

Garden designer and television presenter, Danny Clarke is passionate about transforming gardens, and can be seen on our screens as part of Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden team on ITV and the Channel 5 series Filthy Garden SOS.

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Garden trends - fashionable black features

From seating and planters to fences and walls, black looks stylish in the garden.  It’s also versatile, working in both contemporary and traditional settings.  Here are three ways to use it:

As a backdrop: As a wall or...

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Cut flower corner - stylish black berries

Berries are great for adding contrasting texture and shape to floral arrangements.  Black berries are particularly sophisticated.  Here are a few varieties of to look out for. 

Several viburnum varieties have black berries.  V. tinus ‘Eve Price’ is...

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Black gold - leaf mould

As well as being free and easy to make, leaf mould is one of the best soil improvers there is.  Here’s what you need to know:

Made entirely of leaves that have been decomposed by fungi, leaf...

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Savon noir - black soap for natural garden health

As gardeners we’re always seeking out products that look after our plants as well as the environment and Le Savonnier Marseillais black liquid soap is a natural way of protecting plants, fruit and vegetables from pests and diseases. 

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