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Grow your own festive foliage

As well as making wreaths, Christmas is a great time to adorn your staircases, mantelpieces and tables with ivy and other evergreen foliage.  And going out on a bright winter’s day to pick homegrown greenery straight from the garden makes...

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Seasonal produce - Brussels sprouts

Not much is left in the veg patch at this time of year, but we can always rely on harvesting Brussels sprouts for Christmas.  Here are three ways to cook them that you may not have tried before.

Roasted Brussels, chorizo...

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Body, soul and gardening - the benefits of rituals

Whether it’s making a morning coffee with fresh beans, or having a G&T by the fire whilst counting your blessings, rituals are part of our lives.  Research reveals these little personal ceremonies can reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

Gardening lends...

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Garden trends - outdoor rooms

With more of us spending time at home, garden rooms are increasingly in demand as another place to work or exercise in, or simply to escape to.  But there’s lots to consider from the style of your structure to its...

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The secret gardener - Kate Humble

The wildlife TV presenter has always been passionate about nature, but seems to be becoming increasingly keen on gardening.  One of her latest passions is growing dahlias.  “When I hit 50 I suddenly thought, ‘I really want dahlias in my...

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Technology in the garden - outdoor Christmas lights

Decorating your garden with twinkly lights creates a welcoming and fun festive atmosphere – something we need this year more than ever.  Here are a few things to bear in mind before creating your Christmas display.

For mains supply lights...

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Vlog - Pots & Trowels

If you’re missing your weekly fix of Monty Don in his garden while Gardeners’ World has its winter break, this could fill the gap.  In his weekly Youtube vlog, Martin Fish goes through seasonal gardening jobs, in a clear, authoritative...

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Garden Masterclasses

Whether you’re an amateur or professional, there’s always so much to learn in the world of horticulture and garden design.  This is something garden designer Annie Guilfoyle is passionate about, which is why she, together with horticulturalist Noel Kingsbury, has...

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Technology in the garden - bulb planting tools

Bulbs are a must for early spring colour, and if you haven’t yet planted yours, there’s still time.  It can be a labour-intensive job, but having the right tools saves time.  Here are a few options.

There are many different...

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Book review - Kiftsgate Court Gardens

Kiftsgate Court Gardens; Three Generations of Women Gardeners by Vanessa Berridge is published by Merrell  

Situated high up on a north Cotswold hillside, right next to the more famous Hidcote, Kiftsgate Court is a more intimate garden altogether.  This...

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Seasonal produce - parsnips and parsnip soup

Parsnips are fabulous winter root vegetables that can be harvested up until January, once the foliage dies back.  But their flavour is improved if you wait until after the first frost, which converts the starch into sugars giving them a...

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Garden trends - low maintenance gardens

Low maintenance gardens are ever popular in our busy world.  A design that includes good structure with plants and materials that don’t need much upkeep will avoid the garden looking unkempt over the winter.

When choosing patio materials, stone that...

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Body, soul and gardening - plants to brighten the gloomier months

The days are getting shorter and temperatures dropping, but don’t let it get you down - embrace winter’s beauty with cheerful berries, bark and blooms.

Berries and hips: As well as shining out on a winter’s day, berries and hips...

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Technology in the garden - bird feeders

Winter and early spring is the best time to feed birds, especially during cold snaps, when their natural food supplies are low.  Like us, different species eat different things, so choosing bird feeders for different food types, from seeds and...

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Podcast - Growing Wild

Charlotte Petts presents a thought-provoking show about nature in both the countryside and urban spaces.  She talks to a wide range of gardeners, designers and environmentalists covering everything from healthy soil and the importance of hedges, to foraging, allotments and community...

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Jessica Evans- Head Gardener at Knightshayes

We interviewed Jessica Evans, head gardener at Knightshayes Court, a National Trust garden in Tiverton.

What do you love about the garden at Knightshayes?

I was drawn by the plant collection- one of the largest in the National Trust.  There’s...

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The secret gardener - Julie Walters

Julie Walters is one of our best-loved actresses, but she is just as happy pottering about in the garden as treading the boards these days.  She even celebrated being made a Dame by weeding her garden!

‘I like being at...

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Gardening tip - saving seed

Autumn is a good time save seed.  Leave a few flowerheads on your favourite plants after they've finished blooming to allow the seeds to ripen – aster seeds are attached to a head of fluffy down, which makes them easy...
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Seasonal produce - pumpkins and pumpkin pie

With Halloween and Thanksgiving upon us, now is a great time to get creative with pumpkins.  These huge striking orange fruit look almost surreal growing on the earth connected by their stems, which begin to crack as the pumpkins ripen. ...

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Garden trends - cosying up in the middle of winter

As the temperatures drop, instead of packing up the garden for the winter months, why not embrace the Scandi ‘hygge’ way of life?  This advocates wrapping up and enjoying the crisp outdoors, whatever the weather.  Socialising outside can be fun...

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Body,soul and gardening - gardens that bond us

One of the great joys of plants is being able to give and share them.  A garden filled with flowers that remind you of your favourite people appeals on an emotional level as well as simply looking good.

Plants grown...

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