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June 2017

Fiona Woodward, Vienne, France

30 June 2017

I’m absolutely thrilled with the clothes – exactly what I have been looking for and brilliantly conceived. I can’t imagine why it has taken so long for someone to invent these, but I’m so pleased that at last you have – well done and thank you.

Claudia de Yong

30 June 2017

Claudia de Yong is a garden designer with over fifteen years experience creating wonderful gardens for her clients. She has also won medals eight times at Hampton Court and numerous other shows. Her Romance in the Ruins garden at BBC Gardeners World Live this year, not only won gold, but was also awarded Best in Show.

Claudia is also one of Genus’ best and most loyal customers. A few days ago she sent us a couple of pictures of herself wearing the trousers, and wrote: “I’m not sure if you saw me on the TV on Gardeners World, but I wore the trousers all through the build and they were great!”

Claudia’s website and blog is at

This is also a good opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you gardeners who have supported Genus and bought our products. When we first started many people told us that nobody would buy trousers specially designed for gardening. You are all testament to our conviction that there was an unmet need out there and it was just a question of getting the product right.

Those of you who have followed Genus since our birth in 2013 will know that it took us a couple of attempts to arrive at the best possible trouser. But now our 3-Season Gardening Trouser for Women and the men’s equivalent, the All-Weather Gardening Trouser, have become the iconic benchmarks of technical clothing for gardening.

Thanks again to all of you.

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Sherry Perkins, California, USA

28 June 2017

The trousers are splendid. Lighter in weight than I expected and fit well.

Jenni Robertson, Sussex, England

22 June 2017

I bought your garden trousers this summer and absolutely love them. So much so have encouraged all garden friends to get some, so well done on designing such fantastic trousers.

Why gardening is better than the gym

10 June 2017

Gardening is not only good for your soul, it's also a great way to burn off calories in the winter months. For some people, a spot of gardening is their main form of exercise, and the average gardener can burn off 19,000 calories a year!

A spot of weeding

Whilst most people view gardening as a relaxing, leisurely activity, you can actually burn around 300 calories an hour carrying out simple tasks such as planting shrubs or using a wheelbarrow. Even the most basic of gardening activities can be calorie-intensive whilst also helping to keep you supple and flexible, with 30 minutes of weeding burning around 150 calories.

Protect yourself

If you're carrying out more labour-intensive tasks such as using a heavy hedge trimmer, you could burn up to 400 calories an hour, but make sure you take regular breaks. Protective equipment such as gloves and performance gardenwear with proper knee protection will ensure you stay fit and healthy during your gardening workout!

Squeezing in a spot of gardening after work, or spending your Saturday afternoons out in the garden will not only help you to stay fit and healthy, it will also help aid relaxation - yet another reason to brave the cold and go gardening this winter!

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Weeding with the hori hori knife

8 June 2017

Weeding is easier with a hori hori knife Weeding is easier with a hori hori knife

It’s coming towards the middle of June and the Genus garden is really beginning to bloom. The downside of all the seasonal growth is the constant battle with weeds. It’s one of the most important jobs for gardeners during spring and early summer. Getting on top of the weeds during this part of the season ensures flowers and veg get off to a good start and perform their best.

Our cottage garden style of planting means that hand weeding is essential, as Monty Don says, by “getting up close and personal” to those wild plants we don’t want in the borders and veg plots. There are many methods of hand weeding, we know that some gardeners prefer to kneel and others to bend, and there are a range of tools to aid weeding tasks.

Weeding was actually one of the gardening tasks that inspired the design of the Genus gardening trousers: integral waterproof kneepads to provide support and comfort whilst down on the ground, and a high cut waist to protect kidneys from the elements whilst bending. As for tools, we have already blogged about the fantastic hori hori knife that one of our American customers introduced to us, and once again we feel we have to extol the virtues of this great gardening tool. We have been using the hori hori during dry spells to hoe around plants, and after rain, to slide down alongside the roots of dandelions and thistles and loosen them low down in the soil. It's also perfectly shaped to get in between the gaps between paving slabs to slice through those annoying little tufts of grass and mini dandelions.

With our gardening clothes and the hori hori making the task of weeding a little more comfortable, we are encouraged to get out there and weed little and often, which really keeps us on top of weed control. We might say that weeding becomes almost a therapeutic experience!

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Fiona Fyshe, Herefordshire, England

6 June 2017

Can I start by saying that nearly ALL my clothes are found in either charity shops or on e-bay so for me to spend £120 on a pair of trousers is quite an exception but I did on the recommendation of a serious gardening friend and don’t regret it at all – I love them. Thank you very much.

Rachel Thomas, Bristol, England

5 June 2017

Just to let you know that I have really enjoyed the new summer trousers. I was a bit worried about the colour and whether or not the trousers would wash clean. I’m happy to say that despite hours on my knees weeding, planting and generally scrabbling about, after four months of heavy wear they look almost as good as when I first bought them. I especially like the way you can leave the knee pads in when you throw the trousers into the machine, and they stay put.