What do you wear when you garden? Old clothes or birthday suit?

The Genus team was recently busy at the Kew Plant Finders Fair.  One of the ways we engaged with customers was to ask them more about what they wore when they were gardening.  Most people answered that they wore their old clothes.  However, we were a little taken aback when somebody said, in all seriousness, that they didn’t wear any gardening clothes at all!  Their preferred state was to garden naked!

Well, far from being alone, it turns out there are books about gardening nude, and there is a whole community of naked gardeners, and it’s even a form of gardening that is increasing in popularity.  The first Saturday in May is celebrated as “World Naked Gardening Day”’ whatever the weather (which promises to be a little chilly this year ….. Brrrr).

It turns out that there is even a naked gardening venue close to Genus HQ: Just down the road is Abbey House Garden in Malmesbury which has a programme of Clothes Optional Days for those who wish to visit the gardens in the buff. Mmmm ….. not sure if we are quite ready to give up our gardening clothes just yet!