Black Houseplants

Dark leaved house plants can give your interior great sophistication.  Here are five of the best.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Raven’.  The waxy, shiny foliage of this dark variety of the popular upright architectural ZZ plant starts off green, before turning a deep purple/black as it ages.  It’s fairly easy to look after, but avoid overwatering by allowing the top of the compost to get dry before watering again.  Water less in winter.

Anthurium andreanu ‘Karma Black’.  An elegant house plant with large lush heart-shaped leaves and exotic-looking dark purple/black flowers.  A rain forest plant, it thrives in a humid atmosphere so mist it regularly or keep it in the bathroom with indirect light.

Calathea roseopicta ‘Dottie’.  This plant is so stunning with its combination of dark velvety leaves and pink markings, it doesn’t look real.  The large leaves start greener and darken as they age.  Native to the tropical Americas, it likes diffused light, but can cope with lower light levels too.  Another tropical plant that appreciates damp – but not wet – soil and humidity, so water weekly in the growing season - less in the winter

Philodendron ‘Black Knight’.   An unusual variety of philodendron, ‘Black Knight’ is available in both climbing and non-climbing varieties.  Climbers require some support, while non-climbing varieties will grow into large plants with dark green leaves, so suit larger spaces.  They need average warmth and require little water, making them a low-maintenance houseplant.

Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’.  A sophisticated and glamorous house plant with velvety deep green foliage and gorgeous contrasting silvery veins.  It needs bright, indirect light and a warm, humid  environment - misting regularly helps.  Reduce watering, light and maintain cooler conditions in the winter.