Cut flower corner - flora for Xmas

There’s a surprising amount of foliage, berries, branches and even a few blooms to pick and bring in to help decorate your home this Christmas. 

Yew and fir are perfect for creating a Christmassy feeling in a table setting or wreath.  Rosemary also works well and adds scent.  Ivy gives bulk to a wreath especially if it has berries.  It also looks good trailing from a vase, as a garland down bannisters or draped over a table.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a holly bush with berries in your garden, you’re set up for classic festive table decorations.  Rose hips add fabulous colour in table settings - if you can get to them before the birds do.  Snowberries are also pretty for winter arrangement.

The full, rounded shape of dried hydrangea flower heads work well in wreaths and in a vase.  Dark purple hydrangeas add drama but faded brown and pink tones also team well with darker evergreen leaves and berries.  Leave them to dry in a vase with a little water. 

Ideally spritz your wreath with water regularly to help it last and keep indoor displays away from radiators and heating that can dry them out.

For looser designs, try creating a mantelpiece display by using branches pushed into a pre-soaked florists’ foam (Oasis) block with floristry wire to twine foliage up the mantel mirror.  The silky tufty balls of Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) found in hedgerows is lovely for this.

As well as decorating the door,  wreaths make good table decorations, with candles in the centre.  Otherwise, light the display up with battery-operated candles or use fine wire USB lights amongst the foliage.