Garden trends - new colours for rendered walls

White is out, in comes something warmer.

Rendered garden walls painted a crisp white is a classic look.  However, the mood in garden design is turning towards something softer with more subtle hues that blend with the natural setting.  

For those who like neutral tones, warm stone or sand colours are timeless and elegant.  Equally, greys provide a cool backdrop that flatters splashes of colour in planting.  Darker grey such as slate and charcoal are also a good choice for those who want something more dramatic, they recede into the background, helping greens to sing out.  Black looks great too.

Warm yellow ochres or redder terracottas also work well in gardens as do subtle plaster-coloured pinks.  Interesting textures and effects can be achieved by using Monocouche renders which are low maintenance, weather resistant and hard wearing, says garden designer Mark Laurence, although they do need professional application.  He also recommends using conventional render with mineral pigments, layered on in colour washes before the render dries.

But if you’re brave enough, designer Declan Buckley suggests hottest pinks or oranges.  In one of his gardens, he has designed pink and purple feature walls which are picked up in the furniture and cushions.  The important thing of course is to link the colour to existing features, whether that’s timber fences and painted woodwork outside or interior walls and soft furnishings.