Podcast - Gardeners' Question Time

It’s comforting listening to Gardeners' Question Time on its long-standing Sunday afternoon slot.  But equally, the beauty of the GQT podcast is that it allows you to binge on this horticultural show, any time, anywhere, keeping you entertained while you’re busy doing your chores or gardening.

A rotating panel of experts including Anne Swithinbank, Matthew Wilson, Chris Beardshaw, Bunny Guinness and Pippa Greenwood answer listeners’ questions with good sense and in depth knowledge, giving us a wealth of new ideas for plants to use and sound advice on how to deal with various pests and diseases.  And they don’t always agree: in one episode, a reader with an ailing magnolia gets advice ranging from giving it a sequestered iron feed to whipping it out altogether, and in another the panel disagree about whether or not you can should make your own potting compost – it’s reassuring to see there’s often no right or wrong in gardening!

James Wong always has helpful advice about houseplants, talking in a recent episode about grow lights for houseplants.  There are other items with presenters such as Bob Flowerdew advising on growing fruit and vegetables organically or Pippa Greenwood talking in great depth during the great trees of GQT feature, as well as interviews and visits to various gardens, allotments and nurseries around the country.  There’s a useful outline of what each episode covers on the accompanying website, so you can dip into episodes pertinent to your horticultural interests at the time.