Podcast - Rich Pickings

Garden designer friends Jo Thompson and Nina Baxter talk about gardening and much more besides in this enjoyable podcast.

In a recent episode they discuss this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and its role in pushing boundaries, showcasing new plants and providing inspiration.  The presenters chat about the wonderful bearded iris, such as I. Cedric Morris, used in this year’s show and rose aficionado Jo gives the thumbs up to the new David Austin apricot-coloured rose R. ‘Dannahue’ named after The Black Gardener Danny Clarke and showcased at Chelsea.  Those interested in Americana will enjoy the episode where Jo discusses her stateside book tour, while in another episode there’s more of an Italian theme.

The conversations hinge on horticulture with light-hearted debates on topics like the pros and cons of clematis - with Nina bemoaning their flimsy easily broken stems and Jo pointing out you have to cut the stems back on young plants to create more stems.  But it’s also heavily peppered with chat on everything from chocolate to exercise, weather to celebrity gossip.

The pair welcome guests onto the show including Druid, Danny Lobb who discusses rituals, beliefs, woodland ceremonies and a connection with nature, which makes you realise Druids and garden designers have more in common than you’d think.  In another lively episode they invite James Alexander-Sinclair for a wide-ranging chat with many lessons to be learnt about life, garden design and horticulture.

Despite the vast wealth of horticultural and design experience shared by the presenters, this podcast has an informal chatty feel with gentle arguments and plenty of laughs.  A fun one to have on while you tend your plants.