Podcast - The Virgin Gardener

The Virgin Gardener podcast presented by Laetitia Maklouf and Andrew O’Brien is aimed at anyone wanting to green up their space – indoor or out.  They have a fabulous line up of guests from all areas of the horticultural world whom they mine mercilessly for all their practical tips, tricks and advice to help make your green space more gorgeous! 

There’s a lively chat with designer Butter Wakefield talking about her journey into garden design and balancing young children and a career change.  She is indeed pumped for her design tips such as making small spaces look larger by thinking big in terms of pots, paving slabs and trees - one bigger specimen making more impact than several smaller trees.  She also advises maximising vertical interest with climbers such as Akebia quinata and more unusual Stauntonia hexaphylla and using mirrors, preferably antique to bounce light and create movement and reflection.

Designer and entertaining speaker James Alexander-Sinclair hones in on the practical aspects of garden design, such as paths to the shed, washing lines and adding something for the children, before the ‘cushion scattering.’  He also talks about inspiration and how this can come just as easily from a plant combination in a local front garden or at an NGS open day to famous gardens.

Other award winning designers include Cleve West and Andrew Wilson as well as many other horticulturalist experts including community gardeners and florists.  The podcast ends with a section on what the hosts get up to in their own garden with lots of quick achievable ideas.  It’s accessible and informative and well worth a listen.