Podcast - This week in the garden with Peter Seabrook

Gardening writer, broadcaster and lecturer, Peter shares his wealth of experience on this horticultural podcast.

He talks to horticultural experts from all aspects of the gardening world, from designers Ann-Marie Powell and Bunny Guinness to many of the less high-profile heroes of horticultural world.  Rose hybridiser Chris Warner has introduced roses such as the award-winning climber ‘Scent from Heaven’, the ground-covering ‘Scented carpet’, and the peach shrub rose ‘Ginger Ale’.  He talks about his horticultural methods as well as the importance of the name when it comes to the success of a new rose.  Other experts include sweet pea specialists and nursery men and women.  Peter also talks to the editor of Amateur Gardening about how to use peat-free compost.

The podcast takes us on various road trips, including one to RHS Wisley to visit the Nemesia Trials there, with ‘Lady Penelope’ proving a hit.  He also talks pansies with three experts at RHS Hyde Hall.

In every show, Peter imparts some of his own tips and advice, such as a quick tip for finding out if your hanging basket needs watering by giving it a little lift to see how heavy it us.  Another tip is to pop in a few nasturtium seeds while making up a basket, to grow up and fill any gaps, recommending ‘Purple Emperor’ as a good one to try for 2022.

The podcast is an informative show with a wide variety of guests which would appeal to those passionate and serious about horticulture.