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Garden trends - gravel gardens

Low maintenance and drought-tolerant, gravel gardens are becoming increasingly popular. They’re perfectly suited to our hot dry summers and have a relaxed airy feel, with plants growing up through gravel with space to breath.

For inspiration, Derek Jarman’s...

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Garden trends - living roofs

From wild flowers to sedum growing above extensions and sheds, people are increasingly realising the benefits a green roof can bring.  Not only are they attractive, they also help keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer, and attract...

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Garden trends - new colours for rendered walls

White is out, in comes something warmer.

Rendered garden walls painted a crisp white is a classic look.  However, the mood in garden design is turning towards something softer with more subtle hues that blend with the natural setting.  

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Gardening trends - sedum bowls

Low maintenance, evergreen and drought tolerant, sedums are perfect for containers.  So, it’s no surprise that large ceramic bowls and stone troughs with a collection of low-growing hardy sedum are ever-popular, whether for a small balcony or a large patio. ...

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Garden trends - the new exotics

The tropical garden trend continues to be popular with people seeking a ‘holiday’ feeling in their own garden.  Gardens created using lush, leafy exotics work particularly well in urban situations, creating jungly, private spaces, and best suit secluded areas of...

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Garden trends- Hedges, a designer's favourite

As well as covering boundaries, hedges define the structure of a garden, anchoring the design, creating stability and acting as a crisp foil to more ephemeral planting.  Designers are finding new plants and styles for hedge planting to maximise the...

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Garden trends - romantic gardens

Dreamy romantic gardens seem to be having a revival in the world of garden design.  Their untamed wildness ties in with the trend for naturalism and there’s something comforting about the old fashioned picturesque beauty they exude.

In the Romantic...

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Garden trends - brilliant bricks

Designers are increasingly turning to bricks and clay pavers, to add warmth, character, texture and pattern to hard landscaping.  Reclaimed-style bricks have a rustic charm that work well in a traditional garden, while clay pavers can look at home in...

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Garden trends - multi-stem trees

Planting more trees is invaluable for the environment and helps complete a garden by adding height, shade and an extra layer of beauty and year round interest.  Multi-stem trees in particular are increasingly in demand with designers.  Created by cutting...

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Garden trends - outdoor rooms

With more of us spending time at home, garden rooms are increasingly in demand as another place to work or exercise in, or simply to escape to.  But there’s lots to consider from the style of your structure to its...

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Garden trends - low maintenance gardens

Low maintenance gardens are ever popular in our busy world.  A design that includes good structure with plants and materials that don’t need much upkeep will avoid the garden looking unkempt over the winter.

When choosing patio materials, stone that...

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Garden trends - cosying up in the middle of winter

As the temperatures drop, instead of packing up the garden for the winter months, why not embrace the Scandi ‘hygge’ way of life?  This advocates wrapping up and enjoying the crisp outdoors, whatever the weather.  Socialising outside can be fun...

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Garden trends - ornamental grasses

The fashion for naturalistic planting continues, and key to this soft, unstructured look is using ornamental grasses.  When planted amongst perennials and loosely pruned shrubs, they give the garden wonderful texture and movement.  They’re also great at linking plants, acting...

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Garden trends - zones to make the most of your space

Gardens are working harder than ever as people spend more time in them and appreciate their potential.  Designers are increasingly creating separate zones with different purposes to maximise the use of the whole garden.

The first consideration is how the...

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Garden trends - relax in a swinging seat

Laid-back swinging seats are the height of fashion this summer and a great way of creating a holiday vibe in the garden.  Designers are increasingly incorporating everything from hammocks to egg chairs into their plans to help people chill out...

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Book review - The Modern Cottage Garden by Greg Loades

In his new book, Greg explores a fusion between the ever-popular cottage garden of roses and foxgloves and the prairie-style planting of designers like Piet Outdolf, with swathes of grasses and late flowering perennials.

Greg begins with an interesting exploration...

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Garden trends - vertical gardening

The trend for green or ‘living walls’ continues in popularity, in both domestic and commercial situations, as the technology advances and more specialist companies are set up.  These walls are a fabulous way of making use of limited space, really...

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Garden trends - Shabby chic and recycled materials

The world of garden design is seeing a growing shift away from sleek minimalism towards gardens with character and texture, with greater use of recycled materials reflecting growing environmental awareness.

Many designers are trying to reuse existing material wherever possible,...

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Garden trends - Cooking al fresco

Outdoor kitchens and firepits are big news in garden design.  And this chimes with the current situation where we’re spending time at home, eating with the family.  We were eating al fresco before we had indoor kitchens and there’s something...

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Garden trends - get into the blue

The colour of the year for 2020, according to Pantone is Classic Blue.  This is a strong hue, which the colour company describes as a restful colour, which ‘brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human...

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Garden trends - A fashion for foliage

Garden designers have been busy predicting trends for 2020 with large leafed plants and bolder colours anticipated to become increasingly popular.  We asked leading Garden Designer Barbara Samitier (MSGD) for her thoughts on how to inject more lush...

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