Secret Gardener - Kate Moss

The glamorous supermodel is tiring of partying and turning to more wholesome pursuits such as yoga and gardening.  After spending lockdown at her Cotswold home in Little Faringdon, she decided to sell her Highgate townhouse and move to the countryside permanently.

When asked in a recent Radio 4 Desert Island Discs interview how her move had affected her life, she said: ‘Oh my god, I’m obsessed with gardening. I have got a membership to the garden centre and I go with my mum and we have the best time.’

Kate’s beautiful grade II-listed Cotswolds home has extensive grounds which her younger sister Lottie has posted glimpses of on her Instagram account, including a pond and statue and the creamy stone walls clad in a pink climbing rose.  During lockdown, Kate loved seeing the garden evolve and got very involved in the gardening process.  ‘I really enjoyed watching the garden come to life.  I’ve never actually seen the whole of spring come to life and it was amazing,’ she said in a Vogue video interview.

She also loves chatting gardening with her friend, hair stylist Sam McKnight.  ‘We used to talk about where we were going that night, and now we talk about gardening,’ she has said.  And Sam ensures her spring garden looks good, sending her ‘a bunch of bulbs — tulips and dahlias twice a year — because she’s got a big garden …. she likes quite subtle and chic,’ he said.

Kate is enjoying country life and even has plans for embracing nature further.  ‘I’ve just bought some land and I think I’m going to build a forest,’ she said recently.  Go Kate!