Vlog - Simplify Gardening

Gardening vlogger Tony O’Neill is a full- time firefighter, but his real passion is gardening and he has created a YouTube channel to offer practical advice on growing organic food and solving common gardening problems.

I found Tony’s tips on getting rid of slugs organically a timely reminder of the alternative to those nasty chemical blue slug pellets.  As well as his thoughts on making a pond to encourage predators such as birds, frogs, and newts, he discusses how to use various traps, wool pellets, copper tape and nematodes – Tony has even made a video on how to make your own nematodes.

Other good videos include growing an avocado tree from seed, tips on growing Aloe vera, lazy ways to grow asparagus and tips on growing potatoes and tomatoes.  Tony also has advice on keeping bees and poultry.  There is lots of sound advice delivered in Tony’s  lilting Welsh accent.  And you can see from his bountiful produce that it works.

There’s always something new to learn in gardening and you’re sure to pick up something you didn’t know by watching Simplify Gardening.