John Harrison's old gardening trousers

John Harrison bought a pair of Genus gardening trousers and took this photo of his old ones before throwing them away.  He says:

"I tend to kneel down when I'm gardening and every single pair of trousers that I have ever worn have torn in the right knee.  You can carry on wearing torn trousers but you just get horribly wet."

I'm really pleased with my Genus trousers because I can kneel down as much as I want and my legs stay completely dry.  And I don't even need a kneeler because the neoprene lining around the knee gives enough protection."

Thanks very much for the feedback, John.  We've just sent you a pair of Genus socks.  Hope you enjoy them too.

If any other gardeners would like to send us a photo of their old gardening clothes, along with their name, address and sock size, we'll give them a free pair of Genus socks.