Lawn time

With our grass now growing well, lawns were the focus for us this week.  After edging they all received a pass from the mower and produced a surprising amount of cuttings; great ‘fuel’ for the ever hungry compost heap!  Afterwards the two smaller lawns received a scattering of slow release fertiliser followed by an oversowing of recently purchased seed.

We have an area beyond the greenhouses where shade from surrounding sycamores is quite heavy for six months of the year.  Once the mole hills had been removed and levelled we overseeded that area with a mix designed specifically for shaded lawns.  We’ve used this mix previously when we created this area and have been incredibly pleased with the dense sward that we get, even when the surrounding tree canopy is at its thickest.

We then set up the irrigation and let it run for several hours so that the seed and feed were well watered in.  It’s amazing just how dry the ground has become in recent weeks.