Spring planning

We mentioned late season colour last time and we also mentioned that our focus was on our spring borders which have been lacklustre for the last few years. Consequently the Genus HQ coffee table has disappeared under a small hill of bulb catalogues and work has already started in the garden.

We’ve grown wallflowers before but always from plants that were grown for us. This year we’ve planned ahead, purchased seed and sown them in a free area of the vegetable garden. We wouldn’t be so excited except that within a matter of days they were up; mild weather and warm rain have conspired to create perfect conditions for germination.

Come spring these young plants will be planted out into the beds, where within a matter of weeks they’ll go from shabby teen to dazzling young adult.

We’ve sown rich, dark, crimson ‘Vulcan’, gorgeous purple/pink ‘Sunset’ and blood orange ‘Fire King’. Plenty of fiery colours to combine with tulips and make the spring start with a bang!!