The Genus guide to layering up in the garden


Keeping your core warm is the only way to ensure the rest of your body follows suit.  The first step of effective layering starts next to the skin. Our merino-blend base layers for men and women are specially designed to offer a balance between efficient sweat-wicking - keeping you dry and warm - with the impeccable thermal ability of the merino and polyester blend to insulate and protect.  Best of all, our fabric is soft-touch and anti-smell, so it will go day after day, even without a wash. Perfect in the garden on the coldest and wettest of days.

If you’re venturing out in cold temperatures, your next layer should be a mid-layer.  Our Eden jersey for men and women is fast wicking to draw sweat away fro your body and quick drying if you get caught in a shower.  It also has deodorising qualities  and UV protection.

Continue layering with our Dixter Gilet for women and our Dixter Pullover for men.  Super warm and lightweight to keep you warm, they still allow you to move freely  and both have lots of pockets including stab-proof ones for secateurs or sharp knives.

We all go out in the garden in the colder weather topped with some sort of jacket, waterproof ideally.  Genus doesn't yet offer this, but we have a truly innovative gardening waterproof jacket in development and hope to make that available towards the end of the year.  Keep posted.

But let's not forget about legs.  Starting from the skin up with our merino-blend base layer leggings, add the 3-Season trousers for men and women when it's moderately cold and dry.  Or top with our Waterproof trousers for men and women when it's cold and wet.  And for the ultimate warmth and protection on the coldest and wettest of days, choose the Warm and Dry trousers for men and women.