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Cut flower corner - what to pick now

The late summer garden can still be full of colour.  There are roses on their second flush, hydrangeas blushing pink and the last of the echinacea, phlox and penstemon taking on a soft faded beauty.  Team this with white...

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Cut flower corner - what to pick in August

The garden is full of high summer flowers to bring into the house – it’s such a lovely thing to do and helps you really appreciate the detail of your flowers up close.  I’ve been cutting my Japanese anemones, which...

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Cut flower corner - all about sweet peas

With their gorgeous scent, frilly blooms and beautiful colours, sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) make wonderful summer cut flowers.  They take a bit of tending to, but the rewards are more than worth it.

The best sweet peas for cutting are...

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Cut flower corner - roses in abundance

The peonies are beginning to wane, but the roses are coming in abundance.  Some good varieties for cutting includes R. ‘Irish Hope’, a pale-yellow floribunda; R.’Winchester Cathedral’, a lovely white rose and R. ‘Queen of Sweden,’ which holds its head...

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Cut flower corner - early summer bounty

There’s masses to pick in the garden right now to bring inside and enjoy, whether you have a cutting bed or well-stocked borders.  Peonies make wonderful cut flowers, especially the doubles.  Try not to be tempted to pick them in...

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Cut flower corner - what to pick this month

Creating displays from garden flowers is fun and creative, and the act of scouring the garden for colour each month will help ensure you have flowers to pick all year round.

If you’re lucky enough to still have blossom in...

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Cut flower corner - spring is in the air

Pretty bulbs are springing up now in the garden, and although it can feel a shame to pick them, making a small posy to admire up close adds freshness to your house. 

The beautiful combination of blue grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) or brunnera with...

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Cut flower corner - early spring bounty

You’d be surprised how much there is in the garden in February to pick and bring inside.  Snowdrops, primroses, violets, aconites, or anything else you can find, make pretty posies.  You could also float hellebore heads in a bowl of...

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Cut flower corner - dried seedheads and foliage

Dried foliage and seedheads used to have a dusty image, but a new breed of florists is using them to create bouquets with a fresh contemporary feel.  

Using ornamental grasses such as miscanthus with its silky flower plumes, fluffy Calamagrostis...

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Grow your own festive foliage

As well as making wreaths, Christmas is a great time to adorn your staircases, mantelpieces and tables with ivy and other evergreen foliage.  And going out on a bright winter’s day to pick homegrown greenery straight from the garden makes...

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The joys of lavender

Drifts of lilac-coloured lavender, humming with bees against a blue sky is a wonderful summer sight.  As well as being beautiful, lavender can also be dried – hanging the sprigs upside-down in an airy place – and used in everything from...

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