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Technology in the garden - easy top fruit pickers

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us.  But if your apple and pear trees have grown so tall you can’t reach the fruit at the top of the tree, and ladders aren’t an option, a fruit picker...

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Our vlog pick - Huw Richards: Grow Food Organically

Huw is only in his early twenties, but he has been creating YouTube videos on veg growing since he was 12 and is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  His hands-on advice on growing your own organic vegetables, from sowing seeds to...

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Technology in the garden - the chair to save the oceans

If you’re in the market for some more garden furniture and are wanting to do something about the environment, the DuraOcean could be the answer.  This ground breaking chair, designed by manufacturers of sustainable furniture Lifestyle Garden with support from...

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The joys of lavender

Drifts of lilac-coloured lavender, humming with bees against a blue sky is a wonderful summer sight.  As well as being beautiful, lavender can also be dried – hanging the sprigs upside-down in an airy place – and used in everything from...

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Our vlog pick - The Garden Ninja

The Garden Ninja, aka Lee Burkhill, is a garden designer from the north of England whose YouTube videos give clear, practical advice on design and gardening, helping people avoid common mistakes and give things a go.

You get a real...

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Monty Don - 5 things you didn't know

The much-loved gardening broadcaster and writer was born in Germany in 1955 – the youngest of five siblings - and christened Montagu Denis Wyatt Don.  He is married to Sarah and has three grown up children and one grandson, ‘George...

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Your August gardening to-do list

Everything is growing very fast now, with plenty of harvesting, deadheading and seed-collecting to be done.  Here’s how to keep the garden looking good into autumn.

  1. Keep deadheading annuals, perennials and repeat flowering roses, cutting penstemon flowers back...
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Seasonal produce - what to do with plums

Plums are a delicious tangy fruit, great eaten raw but also great for stewing or making jams, crumbles and tarts.  ‘Victoria’ is a well-known variety and ‘Blue Tit’ and ‘Opal’ are also excellent.  As with gages and damsons, they thrive in...

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Garden trends - zones to make the most of your space

Gardens are working harder than ever as people spend more time in them and appreciate their potential.  Designers are increasingly creating separate zones with different purposes to maximise the use of the whole garden.

The first consideration is how the...

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Body, soul and gardening - wellbeing from tactile plants

Gardens that stimulate the senses are a great way to create relaxing outdoor spaces, helping us to physically connect with nature.  As well as the familiar scented gardens, tactile gardens are equally (and literally) feel-good!  Handling the soil, stroking feathery...

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How to create a bee-friendly garden

It’s a joy watching bees in the garden.  Sadly, however, they’re on the decline due to systemic pesticides and loss of varied habitats, amongst other things.  Bees are vital for pollinating so much of the food we eat including nuts,...

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Technology in the garden - wheelbarrows

The latest innovations are designed to ease the strain and make gardening easier.

The Bucketbarrow.  The wheelbarrow is a mainstay bit of kit for gardeners, yet since its invention thousands of years ago, it hasn’t changed much - so say the...

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Our vlog pick - Sean's Allotment Homestead Garden

London-based gardener Sean James Cameron has been gardening for over 30 years and is passionate about growing his own produce and sharing his knowledge.  His most recent videos follow his journey creating a new allotment into a ‘bountiful land of...

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The unexpected gardener - Mary Berry

Much-loved food writer, TV presenter and former Great British Bakeoff judge Mary Berry may be renowned for her baking, but less well known is her love of gardening.  ‘In another life I may have been a gardener’ Mary once said...

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Seasonal produce - what to do with beetroot

Beetroots are easy to grow and can be sown from April to June.  Harvest them when they’re the size of a golf ball.  They’re delicious and nutritious and great roasted or grated into salads along with their colourful young leaves. ...

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Garden trends - relax in a swinging seat

Laid-back swinging seats are the height of fashion this summer and a great way of creating a holiday vibe in the garden.  Designers are increasingly incorporating everything from hammocks to egg chairs into their plans to help people chill out...

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Body soul and gardening - the golden hour

Like so many people, I’ve been appreciating my garden more than ever over recent weeks, but my favourite moment has to be first thing in the morning, before anyone is up, pottering around in the fresh cool air, cup of...

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Body, soul and gardening - water to soothe the senses

As the weather heats up, having cooling water in the garden is all the more appealing.  It creates a calming focal point, adding gentle sound, movement and sparkling light to your outdoor space.

Water soothes the senses: you can hold...

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Our podcast pick - Talking Heads

This lively and informative gardening podcast - which recently celebrated 10,000 downloads - makes for comforting and informative listening while you’re doing your gardening or cooking.  Fellow head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain are also good friends, which gives...

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Book review - The Modern Cottage Garden by Greg Loades

In his new book, Greg explores a fusion between the ever-popular cottage garden of roses and foxgloves and the prairie-style planting of designers like Piet Outdolf, with swathes of grasses and late flowering perennials.

Greg begins with an interesting exploration...

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Garden trends - vertical gardening

The trend for green or ‘living walls’ continues in popularity, in both domestic and commercial situations, as the technology advances and more specialist companies are set up.  These walls are a fabulous way of making use of limited space, really...

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