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The Unexpected Gardener - Helen Mirren

The Oscar-winning actress is a great believer in the power of gardening and has mentioned its benefits in various interviews over the years.

She recently spoke about how it soothes her anxieties.  'I love to spend time in my garden. ...

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Seasonal veg - nettle soup

The next time you weed a bed of nettles, crop them instead, well the tips anyway – they’re a surprisingly tasty, free and vitamin-packed fresh vegetable.  They’re also excellent for boosting your immune system - so important at the moment. ...

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Garden trends - Cooking al fresco

Outdoor kitchens and firepits are big news in garden design.  And this chimes with the current situation where we’re spending time at home, eating with the family.  We were eating al fresco before we had indoor kitchens and there’s something...

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Body, soul and gardening - All in the detail

Having to stay home is forcing us to stop and appreciate nature instead of hurrying by.  And while we can’t all get out into expansive landscapes, we can get close to nature by noticing the small detail. A recent...

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Technology in the garden - Eco twine

Gardeners use a lot of twine at this time of year for making pea and bean wigwams, tying in young stems and marking out lines for seed sowing.  If you want to make your garden more sustainable, using eco twines...

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Our vlog pick - Charles Dowding, no dig gardening

If you’re interested in growing vegetables with a no dig approach, this YouTube channel is an excellent resource.  Charles Dowding is an expert in the subject, having pioneered the no-dig technique of growing veg.

He has a productive acre plot...

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Keeping busy during the coronavirus crisis

Normally, this slot in our magazine features gardens to visit around the country, but now with everything closed, we all need to focus exclusively on our own gardens.  There is lots of information online about projects you can...

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Gardening tip - Don't give up on your daffodils

Don’t give up on daffodils that didn’t flower this year.  Instead try splitting them to give them more space as it’s possible that they’ve become congested.  Follow with a feed of blood, fish and bone and allow the leaves...
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The unexpected gardener - Zoe Ball

Radio 2 presenter, Zoe Ball is enjoying her beautiful new garden having moved from Brighton to a village in the Sussex countryside.  She proudly posted on Instagram an image of the courtyard area with its wisteria-clad red brick walls and...
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Seasonal veg - baby turnips and carrots

We may all be in lockdown at home, but this Easter Sunday you can still treat your family to a delicious navarin, a French stew made with seasonal veg.

Along with spring lamb, use your early spring carrots and turnips.  You...
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Garden trends - get into the blue

The colour of the year for 2020, according to Pantone is Classic Blue.  This is a strong hue, which the colour company describes as a restful colour, which ‘brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human...

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Our podcast pick - The Garden Podcast

I really enjoyed listening to this informative monthly podcast presented by Chris Young, editor of The Garden magazines.  Designed to complement the print content, it goes deeper into topics covered, with interviews with designers as well as a...

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Technology in the garden - Tripod ladder knowhow

If your yew hedge is getting out of control and you’re looking for a safe way to prune it this Easter Bank Holiday, you may want to invest in a tripod ladder.  Here’s what to consider
Why do you need a...

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Garden trends - A fashion for foliage

Garden designers have been busy predicting trends for 2020 with large leafed plants and bolder colours anticipated to become increasingly popular.  We asked leading Garden Designer Barbara Samitier (MSGD) for her thoughts on how to inject more lush...

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Body, soul and gardening - Beat the winter blues with mindful gardening

Mindfulness – which put simply means living fully in the present, rather than worrying about the past or future - has huge benefits including stress relief and better focus.
Gardening is the perfect activity to connect with what you’re doing...
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Why do you garden? competition - Winning entries

In April we ran a competition in our magazine inviting subscribers to send in no more than 100 words in answer to the question: Why do you garden?"  The prize was a free pair of Genus Japanese secateurs, worth...

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Memories of Gardening with my Mother

In our March newsletter Potpourri 2, we ran a competition asking people to send us a short piece entitled "Memories of Gardening with my Mother".  The prizes are a pair of Genus Gardening Trousers for the two best essays.

We received a huge...

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