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Body, soul and gardening - Beat the winter blues with mindful gardening

Mindfulness – which put simply means living fully in the present, rather than worrying about the past or future - has huge benefits including stress relief and better focus.
Gardening is the perfect activity to connect with what you’re doing...
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Why do you garden? competition - Winning entries

In April we ran a competition in our magazine inviting subscribers to send in no more than 100 words in answer to the question: Why do you garden?"  The prize was a free pair of Genus Japanese secateurs, worth...

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Memories of Gardening with my Mother

In our March newsletter Potpourri 2, we ran a competition asking people to send us a short piece entitled "Memories of Gardening with my Mother".  The prizes are a pair of Genus Gardening Trousers for the two best essays.

We received a huge...

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