Hampton Court Flower Show

Whilst not as internationally famous as Chelsea, Hampton Court Flower Show is the world’s largest flower show.  It covers an area of 34 acres set inside the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, one of Britain’s oldest and most...

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Garden chickens for gardeners' wellbeing

The last few days, it’s been raining a bit too much for there to be much gardening.  However, the newly arrived chickens at the...

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Is the gardener's calendar changing?

There is much talk of climate change and how gardeners will need to adapt their gardening practices as a result.  When we think about the last few years it’s easy to remember the extreme events: The severe storms and flooding in...

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Gardeners' own wellbeing stories

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading magazines and books in waiting rooms and cafes. I came across even more examples of the wellbeing benefits of gardening. These weren't scientific articles, but stories told by gardeners themselves.


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Inspirational gardeners: Piet Oudolf

Having been to and fro  into London a few times in the last month, I was aware of the Olympic legacy Queen Elizabeth gardens being opened to the public.  One of the members of the design team was...

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Birds a gardeners's friend - unless it's a partridge in the kitchen!

It was such a beautiful gardening weekend.  The Genus garden is now really coming into life.  After all the planting, weeding, hoeing, feeding and mulching it's sure to look good. Whilst we have been at it, the birds have been a particular...

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Gardening as social glue? Britain in Bloom

It is a fact that in our society neighbours seldom talk to each other.  You can live for years next door to someone and never even know their name.  A lack of community can lead to violence, alienation...

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Cardiff 2014 - first outdoor RHS show of the year

Genus are really excited about the first outdoor show of the year – it means Spring has sprung and the gardening calendar has turned full circle again! Cardiff 2014 starts today and ends on Sunday 13th. It’s the...

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How much fruit and veg - is it 5 or 7?

Five a day doesn't mean WEARING the fruit and veg

Eating fruit and veg has been a big topic in the news for some time.  In the UK the campaign to “Eat 5 a Day” was launched in 2002 in the...

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Growing your own

It’s been a weekend of seed sowing, potting-on, and mulching in my fruit and vegetable garden.  Getting all this sorted, and listening to the Gardeners Question Time team at the Edible Garden Show, got me thinking about how many...

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Old clothes for new

Yes, we know most of you wear old clothes for gardening.  That’s because, until now, there hasn’t been a range of clothing specially designed for gardeners.

We get so attached to our old clothes that sometimes it’s difficult...

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Fashion & Gardens Exhibition

Earlier this week, we visited the Fashion & Gardens exhibition at the Garden Museum in Lambeth, London.  Curated by Nicola Shulman, a well-known author and journalist, who is also a Trustee of the Museum, the exhibition explores the...

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Keen gardener Susan's old trousers

 Susan Middletons old gardening trousers

Thanks to keen gardener Susan for sending in this photo of her old gardening trousers.  She can now enjoy her free pair of socks.

To gardeners...

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Radio 4 Extra Goes Gardening - Spotlight on Gertrude Jekyll

Radio 4 Extra is broadcasting a great programme on Gertrude Jekyll at 9am today, 1st February.

Gertrude Jekyll (29 November 1843—8 December 1932) was an influential British horticulturist, garden designer, artist and writer. She created over 400 gardens...

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Parsnip soup

I’ve finally managed to harvest the parsnips. You need to wait until the leaves die down before lifting them, but that was in the middle of Christmas. When I finally had a few minutes to spare, it was...

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Last minute gardening gifts for Christmas

As a last minute gardening gift, it's still not too late to place your order for an item from the Genus range, and be sure of getting it delivered before Christmas.

The Genus range of gardening clothes has...

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John Harrison's old gardening trousers

John Harrison bought a pair of Genus gardening trousers and took this photo of his old ones before throwing them away.  He says:

"I tend to kneel down when I'm gardening and every single pair of trousers that...

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Yellow rattle

It was interesting that Monty Don opened today's programme on the Great British Garden Revival with an explanation of how yellow rattle helps wildflower meadows to grow.  It was only two days ago that we sowed yellow rattle...

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The Telegraph recommends Genus!

The Telegraph recommends Genus Performance Gardenwear as a great Christmas gift for gardeners.

The Gardening section of the newspaper on Saturday 30 November featured a brilliant photo of Fiona harvesting potatoes in the Genus garden.  She's wearing the...

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Patricia Deacon's old gardening clothes

We are asking keen gardeners to send in photos of their old gardening clothes, and in return we're giving them a free pair of Genus socks.

Thanks very much to Patricia Deacon for this wonderful image.  In her...

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November means leaves

For some people, November means moustaches, but for us gardeners November means leaves.

There are more than fifty trees in the Genus garden at Field Cottage.  We have a spinney at each end where mainly sycamores have seeded...

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