Water, water, it's still there: Gardeners continue to deal with flooded gardens and waterlogging

We have already blogged about climate change and flooding in December, but the subject just won’t go away. We have been really keen to get out and start the late winter preparations for a new growing season but...

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Developing clothes for gardeners

Well it looks like 2016 is going to be a great year for Genus. There are lots of exciting developments on the horizon. This week we have been busy visiting the ISPO trade show in Munich. This is an amazing industry...

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Flowers out of season: Daffodils in December, Magnolia in January

The British winter this year has been warm as well as wet. October, November and December have all been unseasonably warm. October was around 0.5 degrees warmer and was also a drier than average month, but November and December broke...

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Gardening at the office

We are drawing close to the end of the gardening year. The Genus garden is being tidied up and put to bed for the winter. The long days pottering and working outside are replaced with a bit more time...

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Window boxes lifting the soul

Genus founder Sue began gardening in miniature in her London flat using planters and window boxes as a route to releasing her gardening passion. There’s lots that can be done container gardening in...

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Urban harvest: Gardeners share their bounty

The autumn this year is turning into a long and colourful affair. The flowering season in the Genus garden still continues into October and some of the fruit trees, particularly...

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Brilliant harvest managers: The WI centenary

It may be disappointing to have suffered another wet and dismal August Bank Holiday, but the recent rain does mean that some of the vegetables and fruit in the Genus...

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Garden fashion: People, British plants and performance products

Fashion is not just about clothes. There are garden fashions too. Plants and planting styles that gardeners of all sorts fall in love with and get carried away by. Genus visits to flower and gardening shows this year...

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Gardening clothes or clothes from the garden? Chelsea and the Chelsea Fringe


That's it then. The third week in May has arrived, the Chelsea Fringe starts and the real excitement of Chelsea week begins! One of the many new gardening programmes on TV this year has contributed to whetting our appetites:...

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Summer gardening is here!

Summer is definitely here.  Even though this year has felt a little cooler than average (perhaps because of the weak El Niño we are experiencing...

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What do you wear when you garden? Old clothes or birthday suit?

The Genus team was recently busy at the Kew Plant Finders Fair.  One of the ways we engaged with customers was to ask them more about what they wore when they were gardening. ...

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National Gardening Week gets going

The gardening trousers have hardly come off over the last week!  We’ve been busy, busy, busy in the Genus garden because spring has sprung, there is grass to cut, seeds to sow, seedlings to...

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Gardeners Grow Wild flowers!

Just like ourselves in the Genus garden, we know many gardeners who spend a lot of time choosing flowers they hope are going to perform really well in the conditions...

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Hori hori knife

One of our customers from the United States told us that she regularly uses a hori hori knife.  I don't know anyone here in the UK who uses one, but I thought I'd like to try it.  So...

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An ode to Holly and the hori hori knife

The hori hori knife all round gardening tool from Japan

Genus is all about performance. We also pride ourselves on great customer service, enjoying conversations with our customers about their...

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Roses for Valentines are not the only blooms

Want to stand out this Valentines? British grown spring flowers are gaining in popularity over imported roses

We have noticed a bit of a push in the gardening community recently...

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The revival of great gardening programmes on TV in 2015

That’s it then, we have reached Twelfth Night which means Christmas and all the associated festivities are now all well and truly finished for another year.  What’s to look forward to now?

Having had...

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Christmas tree recycling: Why not lease your tree instead?

The horticultural and forestry world has been busy over recent years innovating around Christmas trees.  It’s not just the introduction of new species of tree like the  Read More

Gardeners' Christmas pleasure: Christmas wreaths from "garden waste"

It was such a lovely weekend here in the Cotswolds.  Bright and crisply cold.  The Genus garden received a little bit of tidying up attention.  Whilst raking up the leaves I had a sudden inspiration that I should use some...

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Gardeners responsible for city forest

In amongst all the recent bad news about trees, here’s something that should cheer up gardeners.  A new national...

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Inspirational gardeners: Patrick Geddes

Dunbar Close Garden in the heart of Edinburgh Old Town, created by Patrick Geddes

Some inspirational gardeners have names and achievements that are well known. ...

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