Rare beetle discovered in UK garden

Gardener and amateur moth hunter Angie Hill got something of a surprise earlier this week when stumbled across a giant beetle. The creature, later identified as a European rhinoceros beetle had been caught as part of a moth...

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Defensive gardening

Gardening is an enjoyable activity that yields beautiful results, but did you know that gardening can also help secure your home? Here are some ideas for keeping your home safe and your garden looking lovely.

Pick some prickly...

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Nettles: the new must-have garden feature?

Traditionally thought of as weeds, nettles are apparently receiving a warm welcome in some gardens. One online nursery is now selling nettles for £7.99, claiming that all of their initial stocks have been exhausted by eager shoppers.


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The extraordinary courtship of a celebrity gardener

Celebrity gardener Monty Don has spoken of the unusual way in which he once tried to impress his girlfriend by cutting her lawn with a pair of scissors. Unable to find the keys to the garden shed or...

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Gardening fanatic mows lawn six times weekly

We loved the story we read the other day about 70 year-old Stuart Grindle, a retired joiner from Tickhill near Doncaster, who mows his lawn twice a day because he wants the perfect garden.

The self-confessed “gardening geek” claims...

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The largest flower garden in the world

Flower gardens are popular all over the world, providing a tranquil and pleasant escape from the rush of the modern world. But where is the largest flower garden in the world?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is in Keukenhof,...

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Breaking the gardening stereotypes

If you thought that gardening was the hobby of choice for older people, new research suggests that you could be wrong. Research by Stewart Garden has found that people aged between 25 and 34 are not only more...

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